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4 Ways to Make Money on Football 

Football is the world’s most popular sport played by over 250 million aficionados across an estimated 200 jurisdictions. The good news for you as an entrepreneur is that you could leverage the popularity and make money in several ways. Why don’t we go ahead and explore them without further ado?

Selling Football Merch

Football jerseys are the most in-demand product of all football equipment and accessories. That’s just a heads-up as we pass along the idea of setting up a shop dealing in football merchandise. Take our word for it, you will be surprised at just how many people are interested in donning a CR7 jersey in your region. And you do not even have to set up your own shop or print your merch, as there are companies that will do the printing work for you. For example, you can take a look at https://matohash.com/collections/custom-embroidery to see Mato & Hash’s custom embroidery selections. Or, you can resell what major stores such as Amazon have on offer. 

Football Blogging

There are so many people around the world looking for quality football content. So, start a football blog and make sure that you post top-tier, well-researched content and do it consistently. And don’t stop there, go ahead and launch the blog on social media, including Youtube, where you could upload post/pre-match analysis vlogs or go live during matches to keep people up-to-date on happenings in real-time. 

You could also become a football radio host. But how do you know you have what it takes? Well, have you observed that people like listening to you when you are talking about football? Or do you meet up with the boys or girls and get into a heated football conversation about Aaron Ramsey’s next destination? Well, that right there is an opportunity to make money on radio. Football fans will definitely tune in, especially on match days. There is also the option of going into TV hosting, but that won’t be cheap if you are not considering employment.  

Affiliate Marketing

Established business brands dealing exclusively in football are always interested in signing new faces into their affiliate marketing programs. It could be an online store dealing in football merch or an online bookmaker looking to attract more customers. Enrol in the affiliate program and earn money every time an item is purchased or every time a site visitor signs up and places a bet. 

Betting on Football

Though not for the weak at heart, betting is another way you could make money from football. According to betpack.com, today, there are a lot of virtual betting sites you can take advantage of. It is not easy to predict the outcomes of matches but it can surely be rewarding once you get the hang of it. Have you not seen people hit the weekly jackpots spanning millions of dollars? Well, it could be you so throw down the gauntlet and start betting. Remember to do it responsibly, though. 

If football betting is not your thing, you could also go into pro-gaming. There’s a lot of money to win in PES and FIFA mobile, including console tournaments and eSports bettings. So, what are you waiting for? Go get that money!