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Switching to HSBC: The Safest Way To An Easy Life 

Switching banks used to be one of the trickiest things to do, even just a few years ago. You can probably picture yourself going to the bank with your parents to open your first bank account to start saving. First, you would save the birthday and Christmas money you’d get from your grandparents and your auntie when the occasion sprung up. Have you ever wondered why you had chosen this bank? Most probably because your mom had brought you to hers because several members of the family were already faithful users of their services.

Even if you did not see the flaws of your banking service at the time – and how could you? – at some point you did. Probably now that you’re reading this article about the easy way to switch banks for a service upgrade. One of the best banks to switch to at the moment is HSBC. 

Switching to HSBC has got to be one of the quickest, easy, and secure ways to upgrade your life. In our fast-moving world, taking care of an administration we still feel is not transparent, HSBC has thought of every last detail to make our lives easier. Not only does the bank take care of absolutely everything when you want to switch, but all the payments are also moved automatically from your old account this faster service. 

So how to switch bank accounts easily with HSBC? 

Well, HSBC has put together a hassle-free service called the Current Account Switch Service that basically allows you to have your bank account transferred to them in just seven days. Exit the days when you would have to call the bank, again and again, to know how the process was going. 

When you decide to move over to HSBC, they will start the switching process seven days before the date you’ve chosen to switch. This ensures they will keep the promise of having your bank account ready in just a week and two days. HSBC contacts your old bank to ask them to move over your money and data and asks them to close your old account when everything’s been transferred safely. 

Then, HSBC sets up all the payments like your salary or Direct Debit transactions, after which any credit money that you might have on your old account will be transferred to your new HSBC account. As they do so, you will be updated with texts alerts so any movement done from your old to your new account will be sent to you by SMS. 

But how about if…?

Even if your bank or building society is not part of the Current Account Switch Service, you can manually move over to HSBC. You’ll never be on your own – everything is taken care of by your new bank. 

The only thing you need to do is let HSBC know you want to switch from your old bank to them by submitting a form. Then, HSBC contacts your bank and the process is the same as I explained above. The only thing is you’ll need to take care of the regular payments as HSBC cannot do it in your place.

If you’re wondering: “What about my credit rating?”, it won’t move an inch. All the more reason to join a bank that will hold your hand on the fast-paced walk of life.