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Content Writing Tips from the Best European Digital Marketing Agency – Revpanda 

The content is not just about SEO and beating Google’s algorithm in a race to appear at the top of SERPs. It’s more about being helpful to the reader and pushing for conversion. Having said that, copywriters must follow the basic rules of SEO to make the content crawler friendly.

Top 3 Copywriting Tips by Revpanda

For best results, the content must be aimed at humans first and then robots. Let’s walk you through some of the more advanced steps when writing content. For more interesting tips and tricks, follow Revpanda.

Focus on the Reader

Writing for websites isn’t just about following a specific formula. There is no cheat sheet per se to boost instant revenue, no matter what some self-proclaimed experts might want you to believe. An experienced copywriter understands the value of good SEO practices. And proficient copywriting is a step in that direction.

Think about it! Google wants to give browsers the best results when searching for key terms. For instance, when you search for the best video slots in 2021, Google wants to provide you with relevant blogs authored by experts in the niche. Search engines are on a constant mission to push informative content that is easy to understand and offers useful tips to the reader.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

The content, for example, for the iGaming industry doesn’t always have to be casino reviews, game comparisons, or how-to guides. While these articles form the baseline, it doesn’t define the limits of iGaming content. The latest games are reviewed by thousands of review platforms. While several affiliate websites might be promoting the same online casino. Great iGaming content must be unique, and you must get creative to be visible.

There’s so much more to casino articles than slot reviews. You can write about industry regulations and upcoming changes, discuss casino scams, or elaborate on the different payment options while breaking down the information for the players. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. While your horizons are limited to writing within the realm of the industry, it doesn’t mean you cannot experiment. Don’t copy your competitors’ strategies blatantly if you want to rank for content. What most writers don’t realise is that the iGaming niche is stuffed with poorly-written guides and reviews.

Don’t Pursue Ranking

An experienced copywriter knows not to write to be ranked. Instead, they focus on creating informative articles that benefit the readers. A well-written article tends to be shared frequently, which ultimately appeals to Google. 

The amount of plagiarised, spun, and paraphrased content is alarming. Not to forget, articles run through Google translate without checking the grammar and punctuations. All these factors affect readability, which ultimately decimates the SEO score. Although focusing on SEO is important, the moment you instruct writers to insert X number of keywords, or link X number of blogs, the focus automatically shifts from readability towards SEO. And that isn’t good for the readers.