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Why Leasing Businesses Should Consider Software Such as LeaseAccelerator 

In general, accounting software will help a business by recording its figures so that they cannot be misread in the same way handwritten figures can be. Also, financial software will allow greater access to data for those making use of it and so ensure easier management of financial information. Then we can look at lease management software like LeaseAccelerator to further help us when leases form a part of our business’s activities.


So, what is Lease Accelerator? It is a piece of software that assists accounting departments that need to account for leases. It is invaluable when it comes to automating lease accounting processes, reporting, and managing data effectively. So, we shall examine these areas concerning the software below.

How Can Software Packages Such as LeaseAccelerator Help Our Business, Large or Small?

The thing about lease accounting software is that it will help us to be ready for an audit. It will do this by having all the figures to hand and ready for an auditor to check and by adhering to the accounting standards that are important when thinking about the recording of the figures that concern leases. The accounting standards that need to be complied with will include ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87. Complying with these will be mandatory for companies dealing with leases. Accounts staff will need to be familiar with these accounting standards and it is software that will help them. It is important in accounts to keep up-to-date with such things. Employers can help their employees greatly by investing in useful software such as LeaseAccelerator.

It is important to be versed in all of the lease accounting standards above and then be guided by the software. The transparency of following lease accounting standards is necessary for the balance sheet.


Account software such as LeaseAccelerator is about making things more automatic when it comes to accounting for leases. This way, no recording mistakes are made or omissions likely.This will be possible whether a company deals with a handful of leases or thousands of them all needing to be accounted for correctly and transparently.

The important thing to remember with automation is that it does much of the work for us. This is what we want when managing lots of leases with different amounts and timings. We want to make it easier for staff while not needing to employ more than necessary because a process is made time-consuming because of a lack of the right software.


When it comes to producing reports, LeaseAccelerator is the piece of software you would want your accounting and management staff to use. This is because the reports it produces will be comprehensive and so include all the information that needs to be displayed to those viewing accounts and considering the data.

Customer Service

The advantage of using LeaseAccelerator software is that each company using it is assigned a Customer Services Manager to assist its users. This will cut down on the training necessary from the company itself and therefore prove cost-effective.

To conclude, it is clear to see why more and more businesses are embracing lease accounting software. It is simply making the task of accounting for leases an easier and less time-consuming process. This is saving the company time and money and ensuring compliance with the various accounting standards those dealing with leases need to concern themselves with. The large fines for lack of compliance are not something that you want in next year’s accounts. So, think carefully about your accounting processes as a business and look to embrace software such as LeaseAccelerator because of its automation that ensures compliance and its ability to produce comprehensive reports. Also, customer service will come as part of the package to help staff use the software. It is all to gain when you are using lease accounting software such as that mentioned.