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Ameliorate Winter Gift Set Review: Intensive Treatments For All Skin Types 

Winter is here, and for those of us spending this period in colder countries, using good skincare is necessary. There are many brands worldwide offering ever-newer formulations destined to spark up life again on your skin. But how exactly do you choose the skin care products that can improve the quality of your skin? 

British skincare scientists have brought Ameliorate, an entirely dermatologist-approved range, to the world to hydrate, nourish, and protect you in the best way possible. And what they’re offering is more, much more than simple skincare.

Why Ameliorate?

Like most great products invented by man, Ameliorate was born as a skincare solution for the brand’s founder to treat her and her children’s keratosis pilaris, a skin condition most commonly found on the back of the arm. 

With the unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex formulated with the UK’s leading skincare scientists, every Ameliorate product targets skin concerns that usually cause us to live a less happy life, like the common “chicken skin,” dry, and rough skin. The ultimate goal? Bring skin confidence to your everyday life, and the best way to do it is with the complete Ameliorate Winter Gift Set.

Ameliorate Winter Gift Set: Intensive Treatments For All Skin Types

The Winter Gift Set (worth £108.50, currently discounted at £49.40) put together by Ameliorate targets every area of the body, from the lips to the feet, with an award-winning formula that nourishes and hydrates deeply. The set comes in a premium, transparent vanity bag that you can reuse at home or bring in your suitcase when you travel. Plus, the new packaging is entirely recyclable, using sugarcane-derived plastic and FSC-certified cardboard – sustainable all the way.

In the set, you’ll find only dermatologist-approved products that are suitable for all skin types, especially for those suffering from keratosis pilaris. Coined the “ultimate kit for transforming dry, dull, and dehydrated skin,” the set contains seven full-sized products:

  • Transforming Body Lotion (200 mL)
  • Intensive Lip Therapy (15 mL)
  • Intensive Foot Therapy (75 mL)
  • Intensive Hand Therapy (75 mL)
  • Intensive Skin Therapy (30 mL)
  • Nourishing Body Wash (200 mL)
  • Exfoliating Body Mitt

Transforming Body Lotion

The Transforming Body Lotion is the iconic, best-selling Ameliorate product and the most renowned skincare product to this day to heal skin with Keratosis Pilaris and dehydrated skin. Easy to use, the body lotion needs to be applied twice daily for four weeks, after which you can use it daily to maintain the hydrated condition of your skin.

If your needs translate to extreme hydration and exfoliation, the Transforming Body Lotion is the exact product to leave you with healthier-looking skin. Normal skins can also use it – use it daily for a smooth and hydrated finish.

Intensive Lip Therapy

The Intensive Lip Therapy is formulated to provide instant comfort and long-term relief for dry, sore, and chapped lips. You can either use it as a sheer lip cream to relieve your dehydrated lips or use it under lipstick. The best way to reap the benefits of the Ameliorate Lip Therapy is to “apply liberally at night” so the product has the time to work its way in.

Intensive Foot Therapy

The Ameliorate Intensive Foot Therapy is the only foot-oriented formula in the Winter Gift set. To be fair, it’s the only foot product you’ll ever need again. The Intensive Foot Therapy targets dry and rough skin with its unique Lactic Acid-based formula and exfoliates it perfectly, leaving it deeply moisturised. Massage “liberally into the feet and heels twice a day for 14 days”, and for best results, apply the cream at night and cover with socks to let the product work its way into your skin. If needed, reapply in the morning.

Intensive Hand Therapy

Since skin conditions can touch any part of the body, the Ameliorate team has thought of a smart hand cream formula. More than simple hand cream, the intensely moisturising and nourishing cream is a dream for dry, scaly hands. This winter, it sets itself as the go-to hand cream if you don’t want to catch even a glimpse of chapped hands.

Intensive Skin Therapy

To help heal any dry areas of your skin, Ameliorate’s Intensive Skin Therapy is formulated as a non-greasy multi-purpose balm. If you often have rough, dry patches of skin, use Intensive Skin Therapy as a massage balm. Push the product through the skin until completely absorbed, and if you have rough skin, use it in a thick layer at least twice daily for the first week and let it soak while you sleep.

Nourishing Body Wash

We all know now that using inadequate body wash can lead to even drier skin, damaging it further and making its healing more complicated and longer. That’s why Ameliorate has formulated its Nourishing Body Wash, a pH-balanced body cleanser that teams up perfectly with the Transforming Body Lotion. Use both, and you’ll see the nourishing and moisturising formulas enhance your skin’s beauty in no time.

Exfoliating Body Mitt

The Exfoliating Body Mitt is meant to be used before the shower. For more significant results and ever more beautiful skin, use it gently before the shower to sweep away dead skin cells and unblock hair follicles. By eliminating the dead cells, the exfoliating mitt opens up the way for the Nourishing Body Wash to deep clean your skin. All that’s left to do is massage the Transforming Body Lotion into your skin to leave it soft and smooth – a dream skin.

Without a doubt, Ameliorate is paving the way for the future of skincare. The science-based formulas are made for all of us to use during the winter. What’s even more gratifying is that Ameliorate allows tougher skins to heal effortlessly in a matter of just a few weeks. If your skin condition has been leaving you with a disgraceful breach of self-confidence, know these days are over.