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Update Your Style Without Spending a Dime in 2021 

It is so easy to buy a top for 70% off, and the tee for just 20$. Even if you don’t think you need anything new, your #fyp or news feed presents another brand haul! To put it simply, fast fashion took over the internet! Try-on hauls from different brands are all over social media, and the ads are all over billboards, stores, and magazines. However, you want to find your true style, the essence of fashion that applies to you only. And you don’t need money for this! Check out our guide to help you show the goddess that you are!

Kibbe’s body types

First thing first, you do not need to define yourself according to the well-known fruit types: apple, pear, banana, and hourglass (it is not a fruit, but it is also not our theory). A stylist and video star David Kibbe published his view on style types called ‘Metamorphosis’. The essence of style here is appreciated more than the visual symmetry of the first-mentioned division. The 13 types give pieces of advice for style, for garments, and even for the accessorizes that will show the true you that you want to be seen. Kibbe’s body types are the ones making an eternal change in our eyes and appreciation for our bodies.

Choose your team

When you look at your wardrobe, there are certainly some pieces you are wearing almost every day. Those, with the pieces you wear with them a bit less often, and the way you style these are your base. It could be some jeans, a t-shirt, and two blouses, but try to pick the pieces you wear each season, and the seasonal pieces you repeat in similar shapes and colours.

Make a cut

When you have discovered your type and the basics that you like, make a cut and get rid of the clothes you aren’t wearing and that for any reason do not fit you. The old clothes, the ones that lost their shape or colour, the ones you didn’t wear for two years – give them away, sell, donate or try to see if you can repurpose them with the help of a good tailor. Even though it is not without a dime specifically, tailoring can do wonders to make your clothes fit better, look less worn and even look like a fine vintage piece!

And if you’re looking to add some new items to your wardrobe, consider investing in Women Designer clothes – they’re often made from high-quality materials and are designed to be both stylish and long-lasting.


The basics that fit you and make you feel amazing need the additions that will make your outfit be finished and polished. Aside from sunglasses, bags, shoes, belts, and many more, try spreading your choices by adding spots for jewellery. Simple stud earrings can make a huge difference to the style for the day, and if you have an ear piercing or two, your options get diverse quickly. A scarf or a shawl is bound to make any combination more elegant and put together, so check out for those in your parents’ closets!

Choose your colours

For sure you have a colour that you love wearing or even a set of favourites. Those are incorporated in your basics. If they aren’t, they should be! However, try not going crazy with colours – sets of colours in a style choice should be cohesive, and, to avoid staying the victim of fast fashion you should only buy something that can match multiple basic pieces in your wardrobe. To be certain you chose the colours that fit you best, try seasonal colour theory and choose the colours that can stay a part of your wardrobe forever.

Thrifting for perfection

There is a term for fashion recycling, upcycling, and thrifting vintage – sustainable fashion. Apart from being the better choice for the planet, there is no better feeling than having the piece no one has (and no one will, since it is not produced anymore). Thrifting, however, has rules: choose pieces that fit you, or that can be altered to fit you and be careful of the material – the care for a quality piece is different than the wash and dry cycle of your regular tee and jeans. A good tip is to invest in a piece that you can wear not only on different occasions but also in different seasons. Trans-seasonal fashion is definitely a way to go when thrifting.

Fashion is a lifestyle

Your fashion choice should fit your lifestyle, not the other way around. Whichever way you choose to buy and find your clothes and accessories are your own, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for occasionally buying the piece that is new and trendy. The point is to avoid unnecessary spent and even less necessary new carbon prints, as well as the support for terrible labour conditions of textile industry workers. Not or carefully spending your hard-earned money benefits you, the eco-friendly industries, and even the planet we live on! Be vintage, be eco, be trendy.