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Should You Get An Electric Car For Your Family?

You’ve got a family that depends on you. As such, you need a car to depend on yourself. After all, the kids need ferrying to and from school, and the endless grocery shopping trips won’t do themselves! But in this equation you’re trying to balance, the idea of investing in an electric vehicle has probably cropped up one or two times. You need a reliable and safe car for your family, and people tend to sing the praises of electric cars everywhere you go. But does that mean you should get one too? Let’s delve into this idea below.

It Depends on Your Needs

Of course, the main thing to consider here is what you and your family needs. One of the main driving factors behind this is going to be budget, yes, but also the availability of electric chargers and how much space you have at home. Electric vehicles are great things to own, but they can be a handful to first-timers. Make sure you’re aware of the drawbacks in all of these areas before you move on. 

An Electric Car is Cheaper to Run

Having a family costs you a lot in the long run – we all know that! You’ve got to feed and clothe and entertain a lot more people on a daily basis than when you were single, and some people tend to underestimate just how difficult that can be in the long run. And that’s where the electric vehicle enters the ring as a potentially family-friendly type of car. 

How much do you spend on fuel, per year? After all, paying for the electricity to charge the car with costs a lot less than buying petrol or diesel by the gallon. And let’s not forget that you can also charge electric vehicles at home too, as this list of the best small EV chargers reminds us. 

And if the vehicle you buy is worth less than £32,000, the government will even pay for a portion of the retail price too. That means you can get up to £1500 off the price tag of the car itself, which could save your savings account in the long run. 

They’re Easier on the Road

Have you got a young baby to keep peacefully sleeping in the back of your car? Does every single bump in the road tend to wake them up and make them cry? Well, investing in an electric car could go someway to resolving that predicament. 

Electric vehicles tend to handle  a lot smoother on the roads, meaning you’re less likely to disturb any young children with background road noise and disruption. Electric cars are even known to be completely silent when they’re driven under 50 miles an hour. They also tend to be sound proofed on the inside to keep traffic and weather noise to a minimum too. 

Your family might just benefit from an electric car, but make sure the EV trend fits into your specific needs first.