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8 Reasons to Opt for an Electric Car

In an era where concerns of air pollution and climate change are getting more real by the minute, and petrol costs are rising just as fast, buying an electric car has never made more sense. Electric cars are powered by electricity, so you don’t need to rely on fuel when you choose to go electric. Here are eight reasons why electric cars are a sound buying decision.

Less Expensive

The beauty of owning an electric car is that you only need to have an EV Charging Station installed and then you’re good to go – no more time-consuming trips to the gas station! You can charge or ‘fuel up’ your electric car conveniently at your own home by simply recharging the car’s battery and you can learn more about this with Charging At Home.

Fuel prices will only rise in the coming years. Luckily, electric cars run on electricity. Recharging your batteries in an electric car is way cheaper than pumping fuel into a petrol car every so often. Also, the option for electric car leasing ensures you don’t have to spend on buying the car if you find the price too high. You can learn much more about leasing and the costs of running an electric car by browsing on the ElectriX website. The site is an initiative of LV General Insurance and is a one-stop shop to get all your electric car questions answered. It also helps you with information on topics such as costs of running electric cars versus other cars, finding the right electric car insurance, and more.

Faster Acceleration

Electric vehicles accelerate much more swiftly than other cars and provide maximum torque from the beginning. You also don’t need to shift between gears, making the drive smoother.

Better for the Environment

Petrol cars emit way more greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide than an electric car. Greenhouse gases directly lead to climate change by trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere and warming it.

Zero Engine Idling Time

Electric cars, unlike petrol cars, do not burn fuel while you’re waiting in traffic with the engine still on. In an electric car, the engine automatically shuts down when the car isn’t moving. But air conditioning and radios can still be used since they use the power from the car’s battery.

Tax Incentives and Grants

Buying an electric car may cost you more upfront as compared to other cars. But this difference can be compensated to a great extent through the government tax incentives and grants on electric cars. 

Fewer Repairs

Petrol or diesel-powered cars have way more parts and components than an electric car. The greater the number of parts, the more likely one or more of them will need to be repaired or maintained. Electric cars have fewer components, and hence may need fewer repairs over a period of time. 

Greater Convenience

You can charge or ‘fuel up’ your electric car in the convenience of your home by simply recharging the car’s battery and you can learn more about this with Charging At Home.

Less Noise

Electric cars are quieter than other cars, both in and out of the vehicle. The decreased road noise ensures a calmer driving experience as well as lower noise pollution.

An electric car is a great investment, both for you and the planet. Now that you know about the benefits of driving an electric car, take the time to select the right one for your needs.