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3 External Factors that Influence Sleep 

A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of a healthier, happier life, yet millions of people struggle with insomnia. That’s because sleeping isn’t just about getting under the covers. Creating a sleeping environment that is perfectly optimized for you will help you relax and doze off. Sleep experts cite 3 external factors that influence sleep.


Light is one of the external factors that influence sleep. The light from your phone, laptop, or tablet can interrupt your sleep cycle. Studies show exposure to light lowers levels of melatonin, leading to sleeplessness and fatigue.


Sleeping is supposed to be an easy and restful process, but when your sleep is disturbed by sound, it can greatly impact your health. Noise disturbs sleep because it prevents the brain from reaching the point of deep sleep needed to feel rested. The louder the noise, the more time it will take to achieve restful sleep. 

A white noise machine can help cover the quiet or loud noises in your home, blocking them out while helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. A constant consistent tone works best to help you doze off. 


The right temperature in your bedroom can help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer. You can set the proper temperature with a programmable thermostat or one that learns your habits by tracking the temperatures you prefer while awake and sleeping.

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