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5 Packing Tips & Tricks for Stress-Free Move

Moving house is certainly a challenging process that requires time, effort, money, and energy. Especially if this is your first time relocating a house and you haven’t prepared a plan for the move, the project could easily turn into a nightmare. Luckily, there are a few simple packing tips that can help you enjoy a smooth move, keep things organized, and reduce the stress levels to a minimum.

Regardless of whether you’ve decided to use the services of removal company or prefer to handle the majority of the process solo, you’ll need all the help you can get. In this article, we’ll share a few useful packing tricks you can use to pack like a professional and avoid headaches. These packing tips will help you move in a fast and organized manner. 

Start with a plan

Packing is perhaps one of the most complex phases of moving house. Although it may seem extremely easy at first, once you start preparing all of your belongings for the move you’ll realize that you need exceptional organizational skills or a plan. If you have to move delicate and fragile items, include them in your list so you don’t forget to prepare the appropriate packing materials and organize special transportation. Make a list of the packing supplies you’ll need, the rooms and areas in the house you’ll need to pack, and other details which may come in handy.

Select reliable moving boxes

One of the most important things about packing is having the necessary packing materials. Among the key packing supplies that you can’t go without are moving boxes. However, not all moving boxes are the same. There are different materials, sizes, shapes, and more to choose from. Although you may be tempted to buy cheap moving boxes to keep your budget low, this may not always be the best idea. Invest in high-quality moving boxes that you know you can rely on and won’t cause any trouble as a result of wear and exposure to moisture. This way, you’ll be able to transport your belongings safely, without any damage.

Declutter your space

Before you start the actual packing, make sure to remove any clutter from your space so you’ll avoid packing things you don’t need. Moving house is the best time to get rid of unnecessary things and to clear your home of any extra items. You can get rid of these belongings by throwing them out in the garbage, organizing a yard sale for your neighbours, donating to a local charity shop, or simply giving them away to friends and family.

Set timeframes

To avoid spending too much time on packing or too little time for that matter, make sure you have set time frames for the project and the packing stage in particular. Packing could be a very demanding job and it’s best to keep your packing efforts to a maximum of one or two hours per day. You don’t want to overwork yourself and turn your house move into a draining experience. Normal life continues going on during your home relocation and a timeframe will help you keep a good balance between the move and other responsibilities.

Use a labelling system

A labelling system can truly save your house relocation project and make things extremely easy for you. Either purchase or print your own multi-coloured packing labels to create a labelling system. Alternatively, you can also use coloured masking tape. Use a different colour when packing each room and keep the belongings separate. This will make unpacking much easier and you won’t have to guess what’s hidden in each box. 

Before you get stressed about packing, simply remember these packing tips and turn your house relocation around for the best. We hope you’ll find these professional packing tricks useful and practical.