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How To Stay Trendy But Comfortable When Staying At Home 

Haven’t you heard? Staying at home is the new going out but this doesn’t mean you can’t dress the part. Whether you are working from home or just staying in more, staying trendy can improve your self confidence and make staying at home more fun. There is a way to look great without missing out on comfort, below we find out how.

Start From Your Feet

That’s it, ditch the fluffy overused slippers and try something a little trendier on for size! These cool men’s slippers by CrepStars, are an easy way to improve the look of any outfit, whilst still feeling snug. CrepStars trainer slippers are made to look like a trainer but are for home use. They are made with comfort in mind and can be worn without socks, just like a slipper. You can also hit the gym in them too. 

There is nothing better than good pair of house shoes to keep your feet warm and looking good when at home. If slippers aren’t really your thing, you may want to opt for a pair of comfortable shoes that are just for wearing in the house, such as a pair of boat shoes or some loafers.

Invest In Some Smart Joggers

Long gone are the days where joggers came in one colour and shape. Joggers are no longer seen as just gym wear, with many men taking this trend to the next level with some smart joggers. Lucky for you, joggers now come with the same comfort but added style. 

Want to look smart for a dinner date at home? Invest in some joggers with a tapered leg. These can give the structure of trousers but still have that comfortable elastic waist; perfect for fitting in dessert. If you like the minimalist look, opt for a pair of smart joggers in a neutral colour such as black or navy. For something a little more interesting, find a pair with some contrast piping, or go all out with some jacquard print joggers. 

An Overshirt Can Change Up Your Look

A trendy overshirt can change the whole look of an outfit, turning drab into fab in just a few seconds. Overshirts are very versatile and come in all kinds of designs and colours to suit every man’s style. Consider investing in a flannel overshirt which can be layered with a t-shirt and pants for an easy comfortable look. 

If you tend to wear quite neutral colours, why not change your look up with a bright and bold overshirt. This can give you a different style for at home, with the added benefit of comfort. If you need some help styling your overshirt, have a look at this handy guide

Find Trendy Loungewear

Loungewear has become a huge fashion trend over the last few years (this might be the only thing we can thank COVID for). When it comes to wearing loungewear that looks and feels good, this comes down to finding the perfect set for your body shape and style. The trick is to find something that doesn’t look quite like pyjamas but is also suitable for lounging around the house in. For more inspiration, check out these 5 celebs who have rocked the loungewear look.

A pair of grey sweatpants can look the part, but you need to do some dressing up if you want to stay trendy. Try a fitted black tee with an open flannel shirt, topped off with a simple gold chain and your favourite sneakers for an at home look that screams comfort and style. If you want to go bolder, try a matching loungewear outfit with a white t-shirt. Pink is a vibrant colour that can really look good or choose a more subtle colour, such as navy blue or wine red. 


Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t add some extra bling to your look. The right jewellery can finish off an outfit and bring a whole new look to your Saturday night in. A chain bracelet looks great with trendy loungewear, or you may want to opt for a beaded bracelet, for a more relaxed vibe. Rings can add another layer of style to your outfits, so consider finding a few chunky rings that work well with your current wardrobe. Hats are a great addition to many outfits and can be worn inside and outside the home. A beanie looks cool when teamed with a pair of smart joggers and a t-shirt. 

A watch is a staple accessory for any trendy man and if you like to wear watches, you should look at investing in a few different ones for different occasions. Other than jewellery, there are other ways to incorporate style into your look and try something a little different. Even if you don’t wear glasses, a pair of stylish fake glasses can change up your style and bring something new to the table. 

What Not To Wear

Once you have the basics down, it is time to look at what you should avoid wearing if you want to stay trendy at home. The number one no-no is sitting around in your underwear. Whilst this may feel comfortable, there is no fun or style in sitting in your pants. 

The same thing can be said about wearing anything that you sleep in, such as pyjamas. If you want to feel like you’ve made an effort, it helps if you aren’t wearing the same thing for a Friday night in that you would also wear to bed. Find something a little more chic than a pair of slippers, as your shoes can add some flair into your outfit. 

Staying trendy but comfortable at home starts with your feet. Adding a few overshirts to your wardrobe can dress up any chilled look. Invest in some smart joggers for a comfortable but fashionable look that can be worn both in the house and outside. Find some trendy loungewear that makes you feel good and look good and don’t forget to accessorise.