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4 Tips For First-time Drivers 

Learning to drive can be a really rewarding experience and it can suddenly give you a whole new sense of freedom. The first year of driving is likely to be scary as you are now alone in the car without an instructor. It is important to always stay calm and remember what you learnt during your lessons. Becoming a good driver is all about practice, if you keep on practising you will become more confident. If you are new to driving and looking for some extra advice, then here are our 4 tips for first-time drivers.

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Stick To Familiar Roads 

Within the first few months of driving, it would be a sensible idea to avoid unfamiliar roads and stick to familiar ones, just while you get the hang of driving on your own. Driving around an unfamiliar area in the first couple of months could cause unnecessary panic as you may be too focused on navigating through the unfamiliar place and not focused enough on driving safely through lanes and intersections. This increased distraction heightens the chances of an accident, potentially leading to personal injury, especially for vulnerable motorcycle riders. Once you have a bit more confidence in driving your car or motorcycle, you could then try and drive around somewhere new. However, if an unfortunate accident does occur, seeking help from experienced lawyers like motorcycle accident claim specialists can assist in protecting your rights and pursuing fair compensation for any damages or injuries sustained due to another party’s negligence.

Get To Know Your Car

It is important before you set out driving for the first time, to get to know your car. It is unlikely that your car will be the same one that you learnt to drive in, so be sure to get to know your car beforehand. Once you become a driver, you are responsible for ensuring your car is working and safe to drive, and failure to do so could result in an accident. It is important you know what to look for in your car and what the warning signs are that something isn’t working.

Know What To Do If You Lose Your Keys

Misplacing or losing your keys is an unfortunate but likely thing to happen once you start driving. Losing any keys is panic-inducing but it can feel even worse if you are a first-time driver. Before you start venturing out in your new car, make sure you have some sort of plan if you do happen to misplace your keys. Having a number for your local car locksmith already saved in your phone will be extremely handy if your keys are lost or stolen. 

Drive In Bad Weather

A survey of 1000 young drivers revealed that one in five of them did not feel comfortable driving in adverse weather. Driving in bad weather is something that is inevitable in life, which is why driving instructors will often require you to drive in the rain at least once. However, if you never got that opportunity or haven’t had the opportunity since, you may feel anxious about driving in bad weather. So, for the first year of driving, it could be beneficial to gain as much experience as you can with driving in bad weather. To make things a bit easier, why not bring an experienced driver along in the car with you so you have some extra support.