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The Benefits Of Regular Time Off For Your Employees 

Your employees should enjoy regular time off from work throughout the year. Not only should you help them get days off, but you should also ensure they are not overworked day-to-day and allow them to enjoy regular daily breaks. This article will go over what you need to know, so enjoy.

Holiday Allowance

Employees in the UK are entitled to a specific amount of holiday throughout the working year, known as annual leave. In most cases, employees will be eligible to receive up to 28 days’ holiday, with employers being allowed to include the eight UK bank holidays within this allowance, leaving around 20 days. Some businesses require employees to use some of their holiday days for the period between Christmas and New Year, which is quite standard.

What Your Employees Get

If you encourage your employees to use up their holiday, it will allow them to take regular breaks when they feel like they need it. This helps them to reset and recharge their batteries ready for a return to work. You may find that they are more motivated for work when they return, which allows them to be more productive.

How To Manage Holidays

As a manager or leader within a business, you should try to manage holidays for your employees effectively. This means you should have some form of control over how many people are going on annual leave at once, as the last thing you want is to accidentally book off the entire staff at the same time because you didn’t know who was already off. This is why many businesses implement modern HR management tools that help make this easier for them to get ahead of.

Of course, since your employees have an allocated allowance of holiday time, it will be in your best interest to help them use it up over the year, so that you don’t end up with all your employees booking off time at the end of the year, leaving you short staffed. Ensure you healthily encourage them, and don’t force the issue.

It is healthy for your employees to take regular time off for both their physical health and mental health. HR management tools offered by HR software specialists like myhrtoolkit allow you to gain back more control over your HR department and aid all staff. This will include your HR workers themselves, who will be able to be more efficient.

Time Off For Being Sick

One thing that businesses often get wrong is forcing employees to use up their holiday allowance for when they’re off ill. Not only is this an ethical issue, but it is also against certain employment laws and often times can break contract. Also be aware that sometimes employees take annual leave when they are in fact too sick to work and should take sick leave instead, a phenomenon known as Leaveism.

This is why you should have a clear code for time off ill according to the regulations. In the UK, employees will be eligible for something known as statutory sick pay, which enables employees to receive an income whilst off work ill, and can be paid by the employer for up to 28 weeks, but there will be a certain criteria the employee needs to meet to receive this.