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How To Do Your Bit To Support A Loved One After A Serious Car Crash 

A serious car crash takes a severe toll on the injured victims, but their families are not spared. The ordeal is massive for them because seeing a loved one in deep pain is perhaps the hardest thing. Things get even more challenging if the victim is the main earning member of the family. If your loved one suffers from catastrophic injuries in a serious crash, you can play a vital role in getting their life on track. Whether you are a parent, partner, sibling, or child of the victim, you must do your bit to support them throughout the recovery phase. Whether that is hiring an expert in cases involving personal injuries in Iowa (or wherever you might be) or helping treat them when they are moved home from the hospital. Here are some actionable ways to be there for your loved one after a catastrophic mishap.

Reach the accident spot

When you hear the news of the accident, rush to the spot right away. Be there even if the victim does not report severe injuries. Many people believe they are not hurt initially after the accident, but internal injuries surface within hours or days. Being on the accident spot enables you to spot and gather the key pieces of evidence that are valuable for the compensation claim down the line. These include the photos of the accident spot, vehicle details, witness information, and CCTV footage of the area. Most importantly, your presence can be comforting for your loved one. 

Handle the treatment formalities

Ensure that your relative gets proper medical treatment right after the accident. Immediate care can be life-saving after catastrophic accidents. Take the victim to the hospital even if there are no visible wounds and injuries. A thorough medical checkup gets them proper diagnosis and treatment, so make sure they do not skimp on it. Also, get all the medical records and diagnostic reports from the hospital as you will require them to validate the personal injury claim later. 

Connect with a lawyer for filing a claim

Your loved one may not be in a position to file a personal injury claim against the negligent driver. But they deserve justice and compensation for their injuries and losses due to the mishap. You can contact a car accident lawyer on their behalf and discuss the future steps for filing a claim. It would be beneficial to get into contact with a sacramento car accident lawyer, or one more local to you, to assist you with your case. Provide the important details, evidence, and information about the pain and suffering, loss of income, and other expenses due to the accident. You can stay in touch with the lawyer throughout the proceedings if your loved one is bedridden.

Help with everyday tasks

When a person has severe injuries, they may need help with everyday tasks. You can do your bit by being there for these tasks, such as bathing, feeding, cleaning, and taking medications. Consider getting help if you can afford it, though you may claim it as compensation for rehab. You can drive the victim for follow-up appointments and rehab sessions. Remember that you must try to make them independent as they recover from the injury. But be there to support them through the tough phase. 

Provide emotional support

Beyond physical support during recovery, your loved one will also require emotional care. Car crashes hurt the body and mind, and victims often struggle with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Things can be even worse if your loved one suffers from a life-changing injury like amputation or spinal cord injury. Be there to talk to them and listen to their feelings. You can consider counseling support for their emotional recovery. It is a significant step to get their life back to usual after a major accident and catastrophic injuries.

Offer financial aid

A victim with catastrophic injuries may be unable to return to work temporarily or permanently. If they are the sole earning member of the family, the finances of the household are likely to suffer after they lose their job. As a parent or sibling, you can offer financial support. Do it until the victim regains income or gets a compensation claim. If your partner is injured, you can take up a job to sustain the family. You may even consider a side hustle if already working. Anything that brings extra funds for the family can help your loved one feel less stressed during recovery. 

Seeing a loved one suffering after a major car crash can be more painful than you imagine. But the last thing you should do is to struggle with personal grief. Rather, you must do your bit to help them regain control and resume normalcy in their life. These simple measures take you a long way with extending support for your loved one.