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What Are The Best Careers For Highly Creative People? 

Having a career in the creative industry involves a lot of original thinking and innovation, especially when working in the arts or media. It also requires serious dedication to your craft, with hours extending beyond traditional working hours.

But it pays off! Creative industries in the UK contribute close to £13 million to the economy every hour! Several well-paying jobs will reward your fresh ideas if you are a creative person and brush up your skills. It may be that you should also consider a TEFL job too. Below are some of these career choices worth considering.

1. Editors

If you have strong writing and communication skills, editing could be a potential career choice. It involves a lot of planning and revising, and in some instances, you would have to come up with content for publications such as magazines, books, or websites. A large volume of an editor’s work usually involves reviewing content to make sure there are no grammar, spelling, structural or factual issues. Editors also rewrite content to make them more readable to audiences and assist writers by helping them come up with ideas that fit their publication’s writing style. 

It would be best if you had at least a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, or journalism to become an editor. Most employers prefer candidates that have solid writing and proofreading experience so you can start building your portfolio to showcase your works. If you have also worked in different media types, from TV to social media, you can easily transition into this career. 

2. User Experience (UX) Designer

There has been an increasing demand for UX designers in more recent times, especially as the design has started to play a big role in the technology industry. UX designers help companies know what type of designs or product frames can best help users use a product or navigate a website. 

To become a UX Designer, you must have strong technical, problem-solving, and creative skills. You must also understand how users think and operate and have a knack for placing yourself in their shoes. Another important quality that UX designers have is a strong research background. They are responsible for researching concepts or ideas and developing user prototypes. UX designers have an excellent understanding of design principles and can expertly use tools like InVision, Sketch, and Axure to create innovative designs. 

3. Marketing manager

Even though it might not seem like it, marketing involves a lot of creativity. It takes exceptional nuance to develop exciting ideas that convince customers to purchase a product. And so, if you are creative, then consider this field. You might have to work with other creatives like those in graphic design to be able to bring your ideas to life. This will work, especially if your marketing campaign is on social media and print media. Every company will need a marketing manager at some point, making this a promising career choice. 

It’s time to turn your creative passion into a salary. The best thing about creative jobs is that they give a wide range of job opportunities. You can choose to work for an organisation, run your agency, or become a freelancer. Check out some of the best locations across the UK for creative workers.