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Top Tips for Tackling Home Maintenance This Spring 

After a long winter, the arrival of spring often brings with it a sense of renewal. It’s a time when homeowners tend to begin cleaning and preparing their home for the warmer months. It’s also a time when the rain and the cold are less prohibitive to household maintenance chores, which means that you may well be thinking about making some changes to your home in the coming months. This article’s about how you can tackle your home maintenance tasks in the coming weeks and months.


Outside your home, there’s your garden to revisit and the outside surfaces to clean and maintain. Gardening in the spring is a joy – being able to be comfortable outside, hacking away at winter’s weeds and planting new flowers and vegetables that you’ll see bloom in the summer. Meanwhile, there are windows to clean, gutters to empty, patios and driveways to wash, and other wear and tear to attend to – especially after winter’s storms. All of these jobs can be completed on a sunny weekend, and shouldn’t be especially taxing. Set aside some time to do these jobs in order to make the outside of your home fresh, clean and ready for the summer months. 

Problem Areas

A stitch in time saves nine, says the common proverb. It’s true when it comes to problem areas in your home, which you may ignore to the point at which something costly and catastrophic happens. A leaky pipe may one day rupture, and a creeping mould is always a sign that there’s some damp in your walls. Go around your home and make notes of the areas that you can see aren’t in tip-top condition. Investigate each of them in turn, ensuring that you’re checking for deeper-lying problems. That way, you’ll be able to plan your maintenance while avoiding any issue becoming something a whole lot worse. 


Your utilities are the engine room of your home. Your boiler, your gas fittings, your radiators and your appliances are all plugged into your utilities, which you’ll want to be working in perfect order throughout the year. Occasionally, you’ll need to maintain these – especially your boiler, which is an expensive household item that you rely upon for warm water and your heating system. Bring in contractors from simp.services to repair or replace your boiler, while using other maintenance professionals to ensure your electrical systems are safe and well maintained. 


Finally, maintenance isn’t just about functionality – it’s about cleanliness and making your home look as spotless as possible. In this sense, a round of home maintenance should always include a final spring clean, using the time you’ve spent looking for issues in your home to also dust, hoover and polish all surfaces in your home. With winter over and the weather improving, you’ll want to start off on a new leaf with your home clean and tidy. So conclude your home maintenance duties with a deep clean, perhaps involving all of your family, so that you’re ready for the fun of the summer. 

Maintaining your home doesn’t take too much time – but it’s something that you should perform this spring. Follow the top tips outlined above to make your home clean and functioning perfectly for the summer.