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How To Add A Cozy Feel To Your Home Interiors 

Everyone wants to have a cozy feel in their home and luckily, it is easy to achieve. All you have to do is be a little creative and see how you can bring your personality into your home. To help you out with this task, here are some amazing tips and decorative touches that will elevate any design and bring that warmth into your home.

Use Lighting

Lighting will probably affect the level of coziness in your home the most. That is why it is the first thing on the list and there are some great ways to use lighting to change the atmosphere. Think about how many sources of light you have in each room, do you even like those lights, fixtures, and their design, and are the bulbs you’re using warm or cool.

Also, you should focus on creating several different levels of lighting in your home. Having plenty of natural light is perfect, but add a few lamps and warm overhead light that you will love. You can also consider dimmers which can easily create a cozy and warm atmosphere. 

Breathe Life in with Plants

If you don’t already have plants then you are missing out on some coziness. Any living element in your home will instantly level up the coziness and plants and flowers are cozy since they are living things; it’s simple. Even if you think you cannot take care of any plants there is a solution. Focus on introducing low-maintenance succulents that will liven up the space and still be resistant to your forgetfulness. 

Another great idea is using faux greenery. With these, you are still bringing the cozy feel at home and you don’t have to be afraid they would die. Plus, you can create green walls with faux greenery or simply spread them all around the house. 

Add Texture

If everything in your home is smooth and empty, the atmosphere may feel too medical and sterile. That is why we as people love adding textures in our homes to bring some personality and a warm feel. What is more, adding texture is super easy. Focus on textural objects that you love to touch or feel good about them. If you love fluffy and cozy things – focus on fluffy bedspreads, pillows, and blankets. If you love wood as a material, you can easily bring it into your home. Think about wood shelves, wicker baskets, and even adding a modern wood bed will make so much difference in your interior design. 

Use Drapes and Curtains

Do you use sheers or blinds? Those are great but they can come off a bit dull and empty. That is why you should add an extra layer of coziness by adding curtains or drapes. You can use heavy drapes in the winter to provide extra warmth and color to your home, and during summer days you can rely on lighter-weight curtains. Bare windows seem cold, so make sure to add a little coziness with these. Plus, curtains and drapes can keep the warmth inside during the winter, providing a hearty atmosphere. 

Avoid Empty Walls

Empty walls may seem cold and dull. That is why you should focus on providing some color to them with the artwork. If you like to paint or simply love art, don’t be shy to hang up a few pieces around the house. You can also focus on specific warmer colors and they will add a bit more warmth to your home. 

Another great idea is hanging mirrors. There are mirrors of all shapes, sizes, and designs today and you can easily fit a mirror in any interior design. And not only will it keep the walls busy, but mirrors will open up the space even more, especially if you hang them opposite your window. 

Don’t Forget the Scents

Last but not least, how your home smells will affect its atmosphere. Yes, scents are important, and never underestimate their power. There are a lot of different ways to provide pleasant scents throughout your home and you should pick your favorite. You can try scented candles, wax melts, incense, and even DIY potpourri. Fresh flowers also contribute to pleasant smells around the house, just pick your favorite. You will see that as soon as you bring nice fragrances into your home, the mood will instantly lighten up and become cozy. 

There are dozens of ways to bring more coziness to your home, just take your pick. Focus on textures, personalized items, lighting, and artwork. And if that’s not enough, you can always rearrange things and bring more colors and textures you like and instantly elevate the look and mood of your home.