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A Quick Guide To Popular Types Of Door Lock 

Locks are one of the most ancient and effective means of securing a property. The oldest lock that has been found dates from around 4000 years ago and was unearthed in ruins in the Near East. Locks (and criminals) have evolved a great deal in the years since primitive devices were installed in the palace of Khorsabad.

In most cases, simply having a lock installed from a reputable lock shop should be enough to prevent a door from being used as a point of entry. Burglars typically do not have the skills or tools available to them that would be necessary if they wanted to pick or bump a lock. In the United States, only around 1.36 percent of all break-ins involved lock picking. Lock security, however, remains important. Here is a quick guide to some of the extremely popular kinds of locks that are installed in domestic properties in the United Kingdom. 

Euro Cylinder Lock 

Euro cylinder locks are extremely popular and are commonly found installed in older doors. They are secure when installed correctly by a Locksmith Parkdale professional, but tend to be a little bit vulnerable when installed on old doors with lots of space between the door and the frame. Euro cylinder locks are easy to install and replace and relatively cheap.

Lever Mortice Deadlock

5 lever mortice deadlocks are commonly installed into the main body of a wooden door. They lock from both the inside and outside and typically come installed with a night latch. Deadlocks are extremely secure because they do not have a spring mechanism. Sprung mechanism locks enable people to automatically lock their doors as they leave, but they are much easier to force open with simple tools. Deadlocks have heavy-duty squared-off bolts that are hard to get to grips with using non-specialist tools. Companies like Sure Locks can install and replace these locks with ease, so get in touch if you need to have your locks looked at.

MultiPoint Locking System

Multi-point locking systems are extremely heavy-duty and offer a great deal of security. When a key is turned, 3 to 5 deadbolts integrated into the frame of the door lock into place. Multi-point locking systems are expensive to install due to their more complex lever mechanisms but offer some peace of mind to homeowners extremely concerned about their property. Multi-point lock systems still only have one cylinder, which means that a determined and skilled lockpicker will still be able to open them. Luckily, most locks are bumped or forced – not picked – by burglars. Having a single-cylinder should not compromise security to a concerning degree. 

Rim Automatic Deadlatch

Rim automatic deadlatch systems are very common in homes around the country, but they are not particularly secure when used on their own. These locks are installed on the internal surface of a door instead of in the body of the door itself. They lock automatically when closed, making leaving the house and worrying about locking the door a thing of the past. Unfortunately, this feature makes the lock easy to force. Additionally, the fact that this system is installed on the surface of the door makes it easy to knock off.