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Preparing for school holidays

The school holidays are an opportunity for lots of quality time spent together as a family. But it’s no secret that this can be a tricky time for parents who are faced with the challenge of entertaining the kids for weeks at a time.

Research reveals that over 40% of parents get stressed trying to plan activities to do with their children throughout the holidays.

In this article, we explore a few different ways that parents can prepare for the school holidays without breaking the bank.

Set a budget

One of most parents’ main concerns during the holidays is having to spend a fortune to keep their children entertained. Remember, quality time doesn’t have to break the bank! It’s important to spend within your means and stick to a budget that works for your financial situation. 

Consider your finances and alternatives to bad credit loans before deciding what this amount may be, then plan a couple of days out which you’re happy to spend on – just be careful not to exceed your set budget.

Get ideas from the kids

Sometimes, coming up with ideas of what to do with the kids during the holidays can feel like one more overwhelming task to add to the never-ending to-do list. Why not take the pressure off and ask the kids instead?

Your children will have a far better idea of what they fancy doing during their time off, and you can ensure each child gets to select an idea for the family. This can be as small as a game of family hide and seek, a movie night with popcorn and blankets, or camping out in the garden under the stars!

Set up playdates

Every parent knows that the playdate is a sacred reprieve from mum and dad duties, allowing parents to get an hour or two of alone time without the kids. Whether that means simply putting your feet up for a while, going to get your hair and nails done, hitting the gym, or meeting a friend for a coffee – this is your time to do with as you please.

If you plan a couple of these across the holidays, you can unlock more time for yourself to get some well-deserved relaxation. Remember these are your holidays as well, so don’t feel guilty for needing some time to yourself! Not only does this help to recharge your batteries, but it means you can give your best self to your children throughout their time off, as you have more energy to do so.