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Best Ways to Keep Your Backyard Safe

When moving into a new house, and even later on, we think about and work on the home security inside the house. Most of us have a well-lit front yard that is facing the street, so we don’t worry much about that part. But want about our backyard? We often tend to neglect the security of this part of our home and this can be very dangerous. It isn’t just about someone stealing the barbeque grill or the furniture in our yard; it is about the fact that someone can make us feel insecure in our own home. Even a small burglary, with little financial damage, can leave quite a mental trauma, making the person feel afraid and anxious for a long period afterward. In order to avoid all of this, you should work on improving your backyard security. We bring you some of the best ways with which you can ensure that your backyard stays safe and beautiful so that you and your family can enjoy it.

Keep the garden items in the garage

Having a garage or a shed at your property can have multiple advantages. So, for example, during the winter months or when you go on vacation, you can use this space to store your new grill and garden furniture. This way, the furniture pieces will not get damaged by the rain and snow and are less likely to be stolen. By keeping these kinds of items locked inside a shed or garage, they will represent a difficult target for the burglars, unlike the garden furniture that is on display in your back garden. Thus, they will most likely avoid your home, which is exactly what you want. What is more, even the inexpensive garden equipment, such as your old ladders, should be stored in a safe place when you are not using them.

Install a security system

It is not uncommon for households nowadays to have installed alarm systems and security cameras. Luckily for all of us, some cameras or motions sensors can be bought online or at the local stores and installed easily in the backyard. These security systems are typically compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or you can have them connected to your phone via an app, so that you know what is happening (or preferably, not happening) in your back garden. Moreover, some home security systems have alarms that signal whenever someone enters your property, while others can even notify the police about potential trespassing. An important thing to keep in mind when installing alarms and cameras is that you want them to be quite visible on the outside. Security cameras should be placed so that they target the darkest areas of your backyard, but also in a place where a potential burglar will easily notice them. With this kind of positioning, the thieves will most likely give up on their mischief, as they know that they will be recorded on camera. You should also make sure that your windows, doors, and even fences have prominent stickers which tell that the house is covered with a security system. This way, potential burglars will not even consider targeting your house.

Set up a fence

This may seem like an obvious tip for keeping your backyard protected, but installing a quality fence is a good and visible way of maintaining the security of your property. Fortunately for everyone, there are numerous types of fences nowadays available on the market, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find one that will protect you and at the same time be aesthetically in accordance with the rest of the outdoor landscape. However, a choice that most people prefer for their backyard is chain mesh fencing, as it is useful, providing security while at the same time letting you see through it, without disturbing the view from your house/garden. Another reason most people opt for this kind of fencing is because of its extreme durability, as they last longer, even when exposed to various kinds of weather. We can all agree that no one wants to change their fencing every two or three years, thus, you should try to find options that don’t corrode easily, such as chain mesh fencing. In any case, a good fence around your house is definitely a must, as it sets clear boundaries, separating you from your neighbors and at the same time, keeping you and your family safe.

Add security lighting

We have already mentioned that most people often have a well-lit front yard, while the back part of the garden remains quite dark. This is a mistake and you can easily fix it by installing a good lighting system in your backyard. The usual lighting, where the lights are constantly on, is a great option as it gives you a clear view of the backyard, keeps the burglars away as they know that they will get noticed, but can also be very practical for you and your family members. For instance, when you are coming back home in the evening or if you have an errand, like taking the garbage bins out, that you are doing late in the evening, then good lighting around your property comes in handy. Moreover, you also want that your friends, who are coming for a dinner party, feel safe and comfortable as they are walking along the pathway to your house. On the other hand, motion sensor lights are amazing as they turn on only when a movement is detected. They will be on for a few seconds (you can adjust the time) and then the lights will turn off, if there is no movement. So, if you notice that the motion sensors lights in your backyard aren’t tuning off, this means that constant movements have been detected and that you should be careful when you go to investigate what is going on.

Place security signs

It was previously discussed that you should place labels that say that you have a home security system, around your house and on your fence. However, even if you don’t indeed possess a home security system, you should still think about placing security signs in your backyard and anywhere close to the entrance to your home. Although it is strongly recommended that you do get security alarms and/or cameras that will protect your property from potential burglars, just having a warning that suggests this type of protection will help with any undesirable event, as burglars won’t doubt the caption on the signs.

Consider getting paw protection

A dog can be not only a cute new member of your family but can also help scare off any unwanted guests. Simply by barking, a guard dog will immensely help with keeping your home and family safe. Additionally, you should definitely place “Beware of the dog” signs in your backyard, as this also assists in keeping your property safe.

Finally, we can say that it is utterly important to have all parts of your home protected, including your backyard. Often neglected, this area of your property can represent an easy target for potential burglars. Thus, wait no more and consider the safety options we have discussed. Any of the above mentioned tips represent a great way of protecting your home. Nevertheless, the best is to combine and, for example, get a good security system, set up a quality chain mesh fence, and get a trusty guard dog.