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5 Fun DIY Projects to Help Reinvigorate Your Life After a Divorce

Feeling lost after a divorce or simply looking to fill your time? Here are 5 DIY projects to consider taking on post-divorce to spruce up your life…

After a divorce, it can be hard to figure out exactly how to spend your newfound freedom and time. Often, we want to feel like we’re being productive, but we also want to do something enjoyable with our time, especially with the emotional turmoil a divorce can bring. There’s a lot of advice out there about self-care, and this extends to DIY projects.

It’s no secret that a divorce can be an expensive time in a person’s life. If you’re looking for new affordable hobbies and projects to take on during a divorce settlement, then look no further than this article for some great ideas.

Many people find DIY projects therapeutic, so here are five DIY projects you could take on post-divorce…

Redecorate a Room 

Do you have a bathroom that needs some attention? Or perhaps your living room is looking a little sad. Choosing to redecorate a room you spend a lot of time in can be uplifting, and knowing you’ve done the work for it will give an even bigger sense of achievement.  

If you’re stuck for ideas, then head online to sites such as Pinterest for inspiration on how you could redecorate. Plenty of people share tips on how to design a new layout, and it’s a great chance to get creative.

Perhaps your ex-spouse had most of the control on how things are decorated around the house. It’s now time to put your stamp on the house and make it about you. Learning new skills to carry out such changes is known to help improve overall wellness, so there’s no downside!

Create More Storage Space

You can’t deny that having more storage space around the house can be very practical. Maybe you’ve had to downsize since the divorce to a smaller place, in which case this is the project for you.

No matter how little space you have, there are always inventive ways to create more on a budget, using the highs and lows in any given room. It’s also an excuse to dust off the old tools that have been laying around the garage.

Make Changes by Gardening

We cannot boast enough about how keeping a garden tidy can massively reduce your stress levels. Many people turn to this therapeutic activity, as it gets them out the house and out in the fresh air. During times of high emotion and stress, it’s best to be outside and enjoy the vitamin D.

Gardening doesn’t have to be solely about growing plants. You could utilise the space outside to be a new social quarter for when you have friends or family over. You could build your own BBQ area, or perhaps build your own pond for some tranquillity in your life.  

Creating a space outside for yourself is essentially like adding a room to your home. Whatever you decide to do with it,make it a peaceful space that’s fun for you to create.

Get Cooking

Get your creative juices flowing by reinventing the way you eat. There are plenty of DIY cooking classes online, especially on Youtube and Tiktok where people make all kinds of easy-to-follow recipes. 

If you’re new to living alone and aren’t used to cooking for yourself, now is a great time to start learning. Not only will you learn new skills by teaching yourself to cook new meals,but making food from scratch is known to be a healthier option over store bought meals. 

Another reason to consider taking up cooking includes having to provide healthy meals for when or if it’s your turn to have the children. The last thing you need during a divorce is children having to live off processed meals (not that they’d complain!).

A Project for the Kids

There are endless projects you could choose from when it comes to DIY projects for children. It’s also a chance to get them involved to help you out. Some ideas could include:

  • A Treehouse
  • Swings 
  • Tyre swings 
  • Playhouse
  • Climbing wall 
  • Sensory garden

You could put your own spin on all of the above and the children will benefit from your efforts no doubt. It’s a great feeling knowing the children have a fun space solely created by you where they can build memories with you. 

Be sure to test out any creations before allowing them to jump on though. Maybe seek advice on how to build solid structures if it’s something they would be climbing or swinging on.

Think a DIY Project Post-Divorce is For You?

It’s not uncommon for people to start a project and underestimate the time and effort that needs to go into them. A word of advice, if you decide on a project make sure you research the ‘how-to’ knowledge before starting. This way, you can minimise the prospect of sacking it off half way through (that’s why professionals exist though right?).

There are many benefits to DIY projects, including practising mindfulness, building self-esteem, expressing creative thinking, and may even boost your social skills. Don’t forget to show off your newfound skills by sharing pictures and maybe even vlogs of your creations.

You never know who you’ll inspire with your creativeness. By taking up one of the projects mentioned in this article,you’ll not only have an excuse to improve your living space but also take your mind off the stress of divorce.