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How the Tech Industry Has Changed Entertainment

The entertainment industry is one that captivates all of us. But in different ways, right? Some of us like movies. Some like video games. Some like concerts. The truth is, there’s no end to the choices in front of us when it comes to the combination of entertainment and tech. And this has changed a lot over the years. Let’s see how.

Movies and TV

Who doesn’t have at least a few favorite shows or movies that they just can’t get enough of? Maybe you’re a history buff and love watching the latest discoveries of the world. Maybe you’re a romance buff and can’t help but tune in for the latest romantic drama. Or maybe you live for action and adventure. In short, movies and TV can be a great way to escape for a little while, whether they’re a way you indulge in your alone time or a way you can enjoy time (and a shared love) with friends or family.

Even better, you no longer have to go to a video store to rent movies (which your kids will never understand if you even try mentioning it to them). You also don’t have to go to the store to buy a movie, head to the movie theatre, or even wait until that favorite TV show comes on for the week. It’s all available with a Netflix/Hulu/Disney+/Sling password now. Instantly. Which makes for a great night in.  

Video Games and Entertainment

We also have video games. It used to be that you had to wait for a new game to come out (which only happened a few times a year at most), then you had to drive to the store, buy the game, drive all the way home, wait for it to load, and you could finally play. But you only got to play with others if they came over and you had an extra controller (did I just date myself again?). That’s not the case anymore.

Video games have all moved online. Even the ones that still have physical discs and are available in the store (and those are only a small fraction of what’s actually out there now). But the really great thing, besides being able to buy a new game and start playing instantly whenever you want, is being able to play online with friends and fans throughout the world. 

This isn’t tied to video games, but all other types of entertainment – like playing casino games. Nowadays, instead of driving to the local casino to play poker or slots, online sites like the best slot sites for example, let players try out new games and play their favorites without leaving their games. 

Put simply, you get to choose when and where you want to play, and you get to skip the drive to your local (or maybe not-so-local) casino. 


This is a somewhat surprising area where you can actually start spending more time online. Online concerts aren’t going to give you quite the immersive experience that you get by going to a physical venue and surrounding yourself with other fans but, should you be unable to make the rod wave concert in your area, for example, they allow you a really great experience.

For those who just can’t afford to go to a full concert (what with the travel time, the cost for a hotel, the expense of tickets and a sitter and everything else that goes into it) or who just don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of it, online concerts can give you a diminished but still fun experience that you still get to share with an online community. And they open up the possibility of concerts you never would have considered.

In short, getting online makes a huge difference in your life. And it’s not just about social media and emailing your coworkers. It’s about having some fun and exploring new options on how to spend your time. The tech world is changing, and it’s only continuing to get better.