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How To Be Good At Roulette – Best Guide For Players in Australia

The ease with which new gamers can master roulette makes this game widely popular at reputable casinos for Aussies like the Wildtornado online roulette site. As simple as it is, online roulette also has plenty of potential pitfalls that new Australian roulette players can avoid if they pay close attention to our expert tips.

As roulette is dependent purely on luck, rather than skill, there are no strategies for guaranteed wins at this fascinating game of chance. However, there are ways that can help you improve your winning chances substantially. Fancy your odds?

Choose your roulette game wisely

It’s no secret that professional players at online roulette Australia casinos avoid playing American roulette. The reason why they do it is that this roulette variant has a high house edge, at 5.3%. By contrast, European roulette with a 2.7% casino advantage, offers much better winning odds for roulette lovers. 

When it comes to gameplay, the main difference between these two game variants is that American roulette takes advantage of the infamous double zero table (hence the increased house edge) while its European counterpart is played using a single zero wheel.

For a large selection of European roulette tables with favourable odds, check the best online roulette real money Australia offerings!

Place outside bets

To increase your winning odds at online roulette, play outside bets more often!

To explain, outside bets cover almost half of the roulette wheel and as such, these provide the best winning chances to an Assie player. Even though wagers on red/black or odd/even don’t pay as generously as inside bets, you’re more likely to win that way. Red/black, odd/even, and high/low are all even-money wagers that pay out at 1:1; columns and dozens bets pay out at 2:1. When taking advantage of these, you win small amounts every time. You lose little money too. 

Play combination bets for better odds

Inside bets are bets on the numbers placed in the inner area of the roulette betting table. With their extravagant payouts, inside bets are quite tempting. However, you are much less likely to win when playing these. If outside bets still sound tempting to you, we’d recommend playing a combination bet.

Experienced roulette online Australia players often choose this type of wager. Why? A combination bet is a bet on the numbers placed close to each other on the betting layout.  Bets such as corner, split, six line, and street embrace several numbers and can significantly increase your payouts should luck decide to shine on you.

Manage your bankroll

 it’s easier than you might think to get carried away when playing online roulette and lose track of time and money. So, to not overspend at the roulette table, plan your budget carefully before each of your roulette sessions and stick to it! 

Professional online roulette Australia players know that staying within their budget is key. For this reason, they set both win and loss limits and when they reach them, they stop – no exceptions! Why don’t you take a page from their book and set your own stop-win and stop-loss limits? 

Remember,  in the end, all casino games are designed to separate you from your money. And as soon as you realize that playing roulette or any other casino game is all about paying for your entertainment rather than earning money to pay bills, gambling becomes much more fun and your occasional wins become sweeter.

Play roulette with a La Partage Rule

Some European and French roulette tables offer players to take advantage of a player-favourable La Partage rule. 

What makes this rule so favourable to the online roulette Australia player is that the player loses only half of their even-odds bet when the ball lands on a zero.

To explain, let’s say you place one of the even-money roulette bets (red/black, odd/even, or high/low). A single zero shows up. Now, the wager, which is supposed to be a losing wager, will be split into two:  you will receive half of your wager back, and the remaining half goes to the casino. While you won’t be able to receive your whole bet back, you still at least redeem half of your losing money – isn’t it great? 

That said, always try to select games with a La Partage rule to increase your odds at online roulette.

Play online roulette only at a trusted gaming site

Even though you may find this tip quite obvious, fraudulent casinos pose a high risk to gamblers worldwide, and we highly recommend that you play only in fully regulated and licensed gaming sites like Wildtornado online roulette casino and you’ll never fall into any traps. 

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It’s time to put our roulette tips to the test at one of the nice Aussie online sites like Wildtornado online roulette casino. You can start by playing roulette in demo mode to get the feel of the game. And as soon as you feel you’re ready to switch to the real money roulette table, wager bravely and cross your fingers. Who knows, it could be your lucky day!