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7 Cool Home Decor Ideas for Summer

Summer is the season of change, and it is the perfect time to buy new furniture pieces or decor pieces for your home! Summer is hot and stuffy, so it is a good idea to give your living area a refresh to create a more comfortable space for every family member. Here are some great home decor ideas that you can take into account!

Use sustainable furniture 

Sustainable furniture employs some of the most creative and innovative materials around, and they will be the perfect choice for your summer vibe. Materials such as wicker or bamboo are getting quite popular, and they are more durable than they look, which makes sure that these pieces can last for many summers to come. The refreshing and chill aesthetics of these materials will also help to bring summer vibes to your living space. As a huge plus, wicker or bamboo chairs are actually quite well-aerated, keeping the heat of summer at bay. We have been inspired by the work done by Interiorbeat on this, as they have made some great articles about sustainable furniture. They aggreagate products for a number of categories, like dining benches with back where you can sort across more than 600 brands.

Freshen up the room with a bit of green 

Nothing says summer better than the color green! Having green furniture all around the room will create a refreshing vibe that helps to dissipate the scorching heat of summer. Go for a green cabinet or green blinds. If you wish to add a bit of a rustic vibe, try mossy green instead. 

Go for floral patterns 

Sofas or armchairs with floral patterns will be your best friends for this season! Floral patterns bring fresh and invigorating air to your living space, and they will help to de-stress you after a long and hard day at work. When choosing floral patterns for summer, try to go for bright and colorful patterns, as they are much more fitting for this season. You can save darker and more intense patterns for fall instead! 

Choose hygge-style pieces 

Hygge is among the latest trends in the world of interior design, and it is a great style for summer! This style puts a strong emphasis on cozy design that frees your room from clutters, which makes your room much wider and more spacious. You can easily turn your kitchen into a hygge haven by choosing sleek counters with neutral colors, and then pair them with modern cabinets. 

Consider terracotta vibes 

Terracotta tiles and planters are the perfect choices for a summer staycation, as they help to replicate the look of popular tourist destinations such as Spain. If you don’t want to replace the tiles of your room, adding a few terracotta planters to your garden should do just fine. 

Create a bright outdoor space

Summer is the perfect moment to enjoy some quality time outside with your friends and family, so it is a good idea to create an outdoor space with seatings and dining tables for this season. The best choices for you are tables or chairs made from wicker or bamboo, but you can also choose wooden furniture as well. 

Buy bright and lively prints

Prints are a great way to enliven your living area, so don’t hesitate to create lively zones on your wall with prints. The best prints you could choose are the ones with bright colors on a background of white or neutral colors. This will create a contrast that lifts up the room. 


Summer is a season of change, so don’t hesitate to enliven your living area with plenty of bright furniture pieces and decoration pieces. You don’t necessarily have to start with big changes. Start small by changing the most commonly used rooms first, and make incremental changes so that the family has enough time to adapt to the changes. Either you need a plumber, electrician, Engineer or a cleaner. Easefix provides Professional Workers for your daily routine at affordable rates.