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Why Gift Jewellery? Reasons for Making Silver, Gold or Stone Your Next Gift Choice

Buying gifts is always a difficult task to judge. Whether you’ve known someone a few months or for your entire life, it always seems to be just as difficult to pick the appropriate gift for your sentiments. A popular choice for any gift, whoever the recipient, is jewellery. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, lockets and even certain watches can all act as the perfect conduit for the feelings and intimations you wish to express – and are often a better choice than many other types of gifts, for the following reasons.

Kept Close to Heart

One of the chief draws of jewellery as a form of gift is the simple fact that it is wearable. Many other forms of gift, however sentimental, are destined to remain – whether on a shelf, above the mantelpiece, or even in a drawer out of sight. Jewellery, though, stays with the recipient wherever they go – and the right jewellery barely ever leaves their outfit. For example, a diamond ring pairs well with any outfit, keeping your thoughts and well wishes close to their heart.


Jewellery is also a uniquely symbolic gift, predicated upon generations and millennia of cultural history and traditional meaning. Whether the gift recipient has a passing interest in astrology or Wicca, or the occasion has some cultural import, you can tailor your jewellery choice to their personality and to your intentions.

Even if the occasion isn’t well-marked by a stone or kind of jewellery, you can still cater your choice to its recipient, by including a birthstone in the piece or pieces. Birthstones are purported to confer specific benefits to those it corresponds to; amethysts are a protective stone, while sapphires encourage personal wellness and self-comfort. Your choice in stone can signal your intent, and act as a meaningful gesture as well as a beautiful piece.


Lastly, jewellery is eminently customisable to the wants and needs of the recipient – beyond simply choosing which stones or minerals are included in the piece. Jewellers can customise individual pieces to suit the needs of the wearer, from simple alterations of size and fit to more bespoke creative changes. You could even order the engraving of an inscription into a piece, further cementing its eventual sentimental value and properly commemorating the occasion.

When Not to Buy Jewellery

Jewellery is always going to be a beautiful gift, but there are some situations in which it may not be appropriate to gift someone jewellery. Jewellery is not often an appropriate gift in professional situations, as the intrinsic value of a piece – and the implicit emotional value attached to it – are often too much for the occasion. Likewise, if the gift is for someone you do not know particularly well; jewellery can be a strong gift, and may be unsettling to receive.