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Random Number Generators in Online Casinos and Their Importance

What Is a Random Number Generator in Online Casinos?

It is a computer-based software program that can show results at random in a casino game. 

It works as a form of a complex microchip related to the spilling out of symbols and numbers randomly. It is done so that you can not change or predict it. Therefore, you can say that RNGs make casino games safe for their players.

Why Do We Need RNGs at Online Casinos? 

People trust online casinos because of the Random Generated numbers system. It speeds up the process and gives the players a fair view of the game. With an RNG, you can quickly check the winner of the game at lightning speed. It is error-free and makes the platform entirely fair and reliable to those gamble in online casinos. It is a legit thing that is not predestined or predetermined, so the chances of you getting cheated are almost nil. Trustworthy online casinos like https://dr.bet uses RNGs to keep their games safe from fraud. 

To sum it up, we can say that RNGs are an invincible thing in online casinos. It is the only reliable system based on which the gamblers gamble on roulette, slot games, and especially card games like blackjack. Without RNGs, you can not expect anything fair in online casinos. Hence, as long as this online gambling business is available, nothing can replace the ever-trustable RNGs. 

Different Types of RNGs


Probably now, we are heading into a bit of some new terms. It is not that new, though. In card games like blackjack, an RNG is a thing that initiates a dealer to deal out their cards. In the RNG generating software, the cards are printed with random numerical or symbolic values that are not predetermined and arbitrary or random. 

According to the rules of playing blackjack, RNGs are essential to give the cards a unique numerical value during a shuffle of the deck. This is how the game goes on. For better understanding, consider a single deck game of blackjack. An RNG will be given to your card to confirm that you do not get that card again the second time. This makes the game fairer and more attractive at the same time. 


Mostly in slot machine games, you get to see the RNGs. In contemporary online gambling, every slot game is operated using an RNG. You are probably familiar with one of them if you have already enjoyed a slot game in a casino. Every time, a unique number gets rolled out to pull the handle for your deal in the slot game. 

Remember that the number is constantly generated even when no one plays a game. It has to give a unique number every time someone pulls the handle. So, when you stretch, you get a number as a mere chance or luck, which is not predetermined. 


The random number generator helps to instigate the game, especially in online roulette, to draw the roulette wheel. It is not the same as you can yourself pull the handle to see your number in the offline form. But anyway, the online form is also enjoyable in its way. The random number generator will determine where the roulette ball is and which specific number it will stop. Then according to the rules of the game, the winner is decided.

What Does RNG Imply?

So, that is some basic idea about RNGs, their meaning, types, and importance in online casinos. This can be a number ranging from 0 to a billion or simply a symbol that denotes or conveys a particular connotation. Not only in casinos, we, in our daily life, do confront many RNGs such as in computer simulations, statistical sampling, and security applications. Anyway, you get more fun using an RNG than at a security line. In a way, as it is almost unhackable, you can say that RNGs make online gambling a safe option for you.