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Fathers’ Rights: How To Get Custody Of Your Child

Being a parent can be tough. You have to work so hard to ensure that your child is kept safe and happy so that they can continue to grow and thrive. While the daily parental responsibilities can be tough, there are also additional circumstances where it becomes even more important to step up and be there for your child. It can sometimes be extremely difficult to gain custody of your child as a father, even when there is no legitimate reason. Historically, courts have been more favourable towards the mother and will often grant them full custody. While obviously, in some cases, this is needed, in other cases Fathers should have their voices heard too, which is why in this article we will outline some ways that could help you get custody of your child.

Hire Proper Legal Help

It may seem like an obvious step, but one of the best ways to increase your child’s chance of getting custody is by hiring good legal help. Going through a custody battle is inevitably going to be tough on you mentally, so the last thing you want is to be weighed down by the legal responsibilities. Take the time to do your research and find a solicitor that specialises in family law, so they can help you through the whole process. As mentioned previously, the courts do often favour the side of the mother, so it is important that you have a good legal support system with you, so you can fight your case in the best way possible. For example, Clifford Johnston & Co are family law solicitors in Stockport that can work with you to find out what you need to fight and even potentially win custody. 

Maintain Good Communication

Another good tip that could help you win custody of your child is to maintain good healthy communication with your child and your ex-partner. Obviously, in some cases this can be difficult, particularly if the break-up was tumultuous, but showing the courts that you are continuing to be amicable, could work in your favour. Additionally, maintaining a good relationship with your child will be another thing that works in your favour as you are demonstrating that you are still upholding your parental duties. It is going to be a tough process, but the most important thing is making sure your child is safe and looked after. 

Consider Joint Custody

It could be a good idea to have an open mind on how much custody you want when battling for custody. Of course, full custody is the aim, but you should not dismiss the idea of getting joint custody of your child. What you need to remember is that joint custody is still some custody, and it is better than not getting anything. Try your best to fight for full custody but also accept that you may ultimately have to live with joint custody instead. Having this mindset could be very beneficial during the case as it demonstrates that you truly care for your child, and all you want is the best for them.