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5 Steps for Performing a Successful Career Change

Once upon a time, people usually awaited their retirement at the very same job where they have started their careers. These days, the fast-paced business environment and uncertain economy made sure that is no longer the case. According to recent stats, an average person now changes job position 12 times in a lifetime.

This is necessarily a bad thing since job changes always present an opportunity to get a fresh start and eventually push your career even further.

But, in order for this to be possible, you should avoid aimlessly jumping from job to job and have a plan of how to make a career change a successful one. Let’s see if we can help you with this one.

Understand why you are changing job

This is very important since, like any other undertaking in your life, successfully navigating your career will require that you have a clear set of goals you will work toward. In a recent survey, the participants declared that the main reasons why they looked out for new jobs were:

  • Better pay (47%)
  • High levels of stress (39%)
  • Better work-life balance (37%)
  • Feeling unchallenged (25%)

• Lack of passion (23%)

Understanding each of these aspects of job satisfaction can give you a much clearer idea about what your future job should look like.

Evaluate your interests, skills, and passions

Now that you know what is the main source of your dissatisfaction with the current job you should do a very thorough, honest, and impartial personal inventory and see what skills and interests you can use to find the next employment. This is very important since, even if you notice some knowledge gaps that are separating you from your ideal position, you will now be able to make a strategic plan on how to fill them in. You can make this job more efficient by asking for feedback from friends and previous employers.

Get tangible hands-on experience

Ideally, your next job should be your end-game, or in other words, the position where you should spend the rest of your career. With that in mind, investing some time to get experience in the said industry and get a better position in the labor market will never be time wasted. One of the most popular ways of meeting these goals comes in the form of a mature age apprenticeship that will allow you to get the handle on the tasks that will be waiting in your future job and slowly build your name within the industry.

Learn as much about the industry as possible

Even though real-life experience can never be replaced, your efforts in ramping up the skills in the preferred industry should never come at the expense of obtaining as much theoretical knowledge about that sector and adjacent industries as possible. So, take enough time to research what are the driving trends in the field where you want to find employment and see where the labor market will be heading in the following years. A high level of expertise will always open up the way to better positions.

Embrace the mentality of lifelong learning

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that all the challenges you will need to overcome to find new employment should not be a one-time effort. The business landscape is undergoing constant development and the only way to keep up the pace with it is to use every single day of your life to push your knowledge and skills further and keep yourself competitive in the labor market. No matter what you are doing, your goal should be to always remain within the top 20% of people within the industry.

We hope these few mentions gave you a general idea about the strategies you can use to make your future career shift successful and finally land the gig that will meet both your professional and private standards. The most important thing you should remember, however, is that no matter how long you are in the game, the career change always represents an opportunity for a fresh start and can be performed successfully if you put your heart and will into it. So, don’t waste any time and start making your life better today.