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Tips For Rocking the Best Jersey

Wearing a professional sports jersey used to be an extremely popular fashion trend, and it has started to make a return. Rocking a jersey is just as common for some fans as making a bet on the over under.

Wearing a sports jersey can be a great look when done correctly, but it can also be a fashion disaster. There is a time and place for wearing this article of clothing, and you don’t have to wait until a game to break it out. 

If you wonder when the right time is for rocking a jersey, perhaps this article will guide you. There are still some other fashion “rules” that should be followed, but these tips are a great place to start. 

Old-School Always Works

One of the most important rules or tips to remember is that an old-school jersey always plays in every situation. There is something about breaking out a jersey of a legend of the game that gets people excited. 

And when we are talking about an old-school jersey, we are not talking about a jersey that is 30 years old. You can now easily buy jerseys from some of the old-timers, and those always seem to draw plenty of attention. 

Beware of Trades

Before you even start rocking your jersey, you have to decide what player’s jersey to get. This can be a pretty stressful decision in today’s world of sports because players don’t always last long with the same team.

If you are going to go with a current player, you will want to choose the face of the franchise or someone who just got drafted to the team. There is no loyalty from players or the front office anymore, and you don’t want to be stuck with a player’s jersey that got traded.

You Pay For What You Get

Another thing to remember when selecting a jersey is that you will get what you pay for when buying a jersey. Trying to find a “cheap” option might save you some money, but you also might get made fun of for the quality of the jersey. 

If you are going to rock a jersey as a part of your fashion, you need to be willing to spend some money to get something nice. You also want to take good care of this jersey and follow all of the rules for washing and drying. 

Know When You’re Too Old

Another important thing to know is recognizing when you are simply too old to be wearing a jersey in any situation. Even if you think it looks cool, there is always a point in time when you should simply stick with a T-Shirt or sweatshirt and let the younger kids rock the jerseys out in public. 

This can be a hard thing to admit, but it’s something that will happen for everyone. You will at least be saving yourself some money as the cost of a jersey is only going to continue to rise. 

Keep the Autographs on Display

Getting a jersey autographed by that particular player is still something neat to do, and that jersey could end up being worth some money. If you do have one of these pieces of memorabilia on display, then it needs to be kept there. 

Wearing an autographed jersey doesn’t really add anything in terms of fashion, and you are actually making that jersey less valuable by wearing it out in public. Let your friends and family see the autograph on display, but don’t bring it out in public. 

Custom Jerseys Usually Aren’t Cool

For whatever reason, there was a big push for custom jerseys in the early 2000s, but that trend is one that should not be brought back. Getting your own last name on the back of a jersey could be a cool keepsake, but you shouldn’t wear that jersey out in public. 

If someone gives you a custom jersey as a gift, then it’s fine to wear it once or twice, but this should not be the jersey that you choose as your number one option.