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Five Footballers that Their Lifestyle Choices Affected Their Potentials

Football is certainly a lucrative sport with stars earning thousands weekly. However, because of the huge income and freedom that comes with the job, it is easy for some players to miss their roads, and we’ve seen that happen over the years. Some have gambling problems, and they lose their wealth to shady casinos rather than play at the best online casino.

With access to different vices, some footballers have lost their ways, and even though they were at the top of their game, they either lost everything or got phased out of the limelight. It is sad to see incredible potentials go to waste because of terrible lifestyle choices, but that is part of the business.

In that case, we are looking at five footballers whose lifestyle choices have affected their playing careers and potential. Without wasting time, let’s get into it.

Mason Greenwood

The budding youngster at Old Trafford is one of the most recent unfortunate addition to the long list of troubled superstars. Mason Greenwood is an academy boy at Manchester United that finally got his time at the top level, and he was bossing it, scoring frequently and showing that he was ready for the big games. 

As a result, he was rated highly and even compared to the legendary Van Persie. However, things went sideways for the youngster after his girlfriend accused him of assault with damming evidence. 

With that, he has been out of the picture since 2021, and there is a very slim chance that he will return to top-flight football even though he is not convicted yet.

George Best

One of the best players to play for the Three Lions, George Best, had a dark side to his illustrious career. Best was a Balon d’Or winner and a multiple award collector. However, he was an alcoholic who couldn’t control his taste for rum, which tainted his career.

Even though he was able to play at the peak for some time, his dark side soon caught up with him, and he ended up playing in the lower leagues before retiring. And because of his alcohol problem, he died at the age of 59 in 2005. Many believe that he could have achieved more if he was clean through his playing career and maybe won more Balon d’Or awards. 

Tony Adams

The incredible Arsenal defender that showed passion and leadership on the pitch for the Gunners couldn’t live up to his potential because of his alcoholism. The taste for strong drinks often hindered him, and sometimes he could not meet up to training meetups and other scheduled appointments.

Many still remember the ferocious defender, but the May 1990 incident lingers in the mind of many. This was the time he crashed his car into the wall of his house, and upon taking a test, it was discovered that he was 27 times over the legal limit, earning him a time in jail. However, he soon went into recovery, but his playing career was already over. 


Everyone remembers the star from Brazil after he signed for Real Madrid from Santos in 2005. He was a budding, talented youngster with so much to offer. Many felt he was going to replace Ronaldinho as the team’s talisman. However, that was not meant to be as he couldn’t reach his full potential. 

He spent more time partying than training for a game. Therefore, his time at Real Madrid was shortened, earning him a move to the newly acquired Manchester City. Even with that, he couldn’t still deliver on the pitch, and he went on a few loans. After that, he bounced around a few clubs before his past life caught up with him.

At 38, he faces a 9-year jail term because of group sexual violence in 2013. As a result, the already downward trending footballing career is officially over, and we never got to see Robinho at the highest peak.  

Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy is an exciting French fullback playing for Manchester City, winning the EPL, and competing at the highest level in Europe until his terrible lifestyle caught up with him. Now, he is facing many counts of rape and sexual assault, meaning that he will be going to jail for a long time, effectively ending his playing career. 

It would be near impossible to see Mendy grace the pitch for any top-flight football team, and that has dented an exciting career of a young man who had already tasted World Cup glory. He could have had more, but his bad lifestyle choices got the best of him.