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Getting Your Teen a Pony – A Basics Shopping List

Some teens want the latest iPad and iPhone, while others just want their own pony. If going for a regular riding lesson is proving to not be enough and your teen just wants their own four-legged friend to love, then you need to know what you are going to need to get in terms of equipment. The good news is that unless you’re competing or have a really fancy horse then you only actually need to get some basics – and once you’ve got these, they are usually made to last. Here’s all the equipment you’ll need to budget for if you’re buying your teen their first horse or getting a loan pony.

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If your teen wants a horse or pony to ride, then tack is of course an important part of the equation. The good news is that you can often find horses and ponies sold with their tack included for a little bit extra which is usually a better deal as it’s not only cheaper compared to buying brand new but it’s also going to be fitted correctly. If you need to buy tack, then it’s a good idea to have a saddle fitter come out as they will help you make sure that you get the correct size saddle. Along with the saddle and bridle you’ll also need a bit, reins, stirrup leathers, stirrups, a numnah or saddle pad and a girth belt. For most horses this is more than enough, but some might be better ridden in additional tack such as a running martingale. 


Another big purchase you will probably need to make if you’re getting a pony or horse for your teen, is rugs. The good news is that you can often get these on offer from many equestrian brands such as Horseware, especially during the summer when the need for wearing a rug isn’t as high. In general, your teen’s horse or pony will need two main rugs: a turnout rug to wear in the field and a stable rug to wear in the stable. You can get stable sheets in different weights from Horseware; a thicker and warmer rug is best if the horse will be clipped during the winter.

You can also get a fleece rug to put underneath stable sheets for those really cold days and nights. Additionally, it’s a good idea to invest in a horse rug washing machine to keep the rugs clean and in good condition.

Stable Accessories

Once you have the main purchases out of the way, it’s time to get a range of stable accessories. The first thing to get is a headcollar and lead rope as this is what you will be using to lead your horse from the stable to the field and to anywhere else you need to take it when it’s not being ridden. You’re also going to need feed buckets, water buckets, and hay nets. You might also find it useful to get storage for feed and supplements, a rack and hook for storing your saddle and bridle, and some shelves or cupboard for riding gear. Finally, don’t forget a grooming kit – to start off with you will need a dandy brush, curry comb, body brush, and a hoof pick. 

While your teen is sure to accumulate more and more things as they get used to owning or loaning their own horse, these are the basics that every horse owner will need to get started with.