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Simple Tips For Preparing A Property For New Tenants 

When renting out a property, the turnover for new tenants can be very quick, and you’ll occasionally be faced with the daunting task of preparing a property for your new tenants in the space of a few days. As a landlord, the benefits of letting out a property are huge and are not something to take for granted. However, when you own multiple properties and offer them out to people to live in, you have a responsibility and duty to your tenants to ensure that the place is fit to live in. To help you in doing this as quickly as possible, we’ve put together some simple tips and tricks for you to use during this preparation.

General Maintenance Checks

When letting out your property to tenants, you need to make sure that the place is safe to live in, and this often means you need to undertake a number of maintenance tasks to get things ready. There are a number of ways to prepare a property for new tenants, from simple cleaning work to replacing any essential appliances such as white goods and kitchen appliances. You’ll likely have to get some expert assistance when dealing with some of these things, such as a plumber or engineer if you have issues with the water or the boiler. As well as this, to ensure your new tenants are as safe as possible, regardless of what your previous tenants were like, you should get the locks changed. This should be done each time the tenants of your property change as it’s very easy to make a copy of the keys. You have no idea how many copies have been made if any, and failing to change the locks will make the property vulnerable to unauthorized entry. 

Clearing Rubbish And Abandoned Items

Not all tenants are pleasant. On occasion, you might agree ona tenancy contract with someone or a group of people that seemed responsible and friendly at first, but once they move in, things can start to go downhill. Usually, this is a case of the tenants having no respect for the property or yourself, and they might end up leaving the place in a complete mess when they leave. Of course, this is what the deposit is for, and while you can retain that money for cleaning and repairs, it’s still frustrating as you likely don’t have enough time to deal with this yourself. Instead, you could use some of this deposit to pay for expert assistance from a house clearance business. These professionals will clear everything that might be left behind in the property as quickly and efficiently as possible, allowing you to focus on other tasks to get the property ready. You can find out more about services like this at jsremovals.co.uk.

Preparing Furnishings

You have a few different choices to make when it comes to the furnishings of your property. You could be strict on this or offer different options for your tenants too. Usually, a property will be listed as having a specific level of furnishing. A fully-furnished property will mean that someone could move in with no possessions and have everything they need to live a pleasant life, including a TV and a full furniture set. There is plenty of advice online on how to furnish a rental property, so take your time figuring this out. A well-furnished property can usually be listed at a higher value, too, so bear this in mind.