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What should every couple do to make their wedding a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Weddings are stressful; there’s is a lot of planning that goes into one day and although a lot of focus is on the bride, it’s the groom’s day too. This can bring a lot of emotions into the equation and can cause conflict after conflict before the big day comes around. That said, there are some must-haves to every perfect wedding that you absolutely need to agree on.

#1 The perfect photographer

Couples are going to need to find the perfect photographer. This is important to have long-lasting memories of the day to be truly representative of what it is you are celebrating. Getting a photographer who works well with the couple is going to give more authentic photos, capture moments of pure love, and create a relaxing atmosphere. Looking into some of the best wedding photography manchester has to offer can be a great place to start your search.

#2 The guest list

This day is about the couple, so you should only invite the people that mean the most to them. This is important because your wedding is not a family reunion, and your wedding is about you – it isn’t a catch-up on your second cousin twice removed’s schooling, and it isn’t what your aunt thinks about your new in-laws. Getting the guest list wrong can take the attention away from what is important, like when parents treat a kid’s birthday party as a social for them, not a celebration of the child.

#3 Speeches

Some people like speeches, others don’t – so it is OK to request a speech-free wedding. It is OK to have the mentality that everyone knows why you are celebrating and there isn’t any reason to bring, what might potentially be over-exaggerated and almost painfully embarrassing speeches that weren’t worth it. 

If you do want a speech-free wedding, and people are insistent upon having speeches at your wedding, compromise by having them write you a letter about how happy they are for you. If you are hit with a surprise speech, don’t be scared to say something in the moment, either. Ask them to say it in private or not at all. 

#4 Dress code

Dress codes are important for weddings. You don’t want people being too unruly if that isn’t the sort of wedding that you want. You need to make sure that you have the freedom to be able to tell people about dress codes if you choose to have one. You might not want to have an uptight suit and tie event,you might feel that fancy dress is more your thing. No matter what it is, go for it, it’s your day, and be as crazy as you like. 

#5 Location

Location is something that is important to couples. You might not be an overly religious couple, so religiously staged marriages might not be the path you want to go down. Renting out an old house owned by the National Trust, going to a garden or a park, or even a museum if they hold weddings, might be the perfect place for you and your spouse. Remember, as mentioned above, it’s your day. It is meant to represent your relationship and celebrate that.