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How Much Does the Average Family Spend on Their Child’s Birthday; Budget Tips & More!

Birthdays are some of the most memorable events for any young child. These milestones signify how they have been progressing in the world around them and perhaps more importantly, where they are headed. These are some of the very same reasons why parents throughout the United Kingdom spend more than £320 pounds on birthdays each and every year.

There can still be times when budgetary concerns put you at odds with what you are ultimately trying to achieve. Is it possible to throw an incredible birthday party for your child without breaking the bank? Let’s take a quick look at some practical tips and suggestions to keep in mind.

Be Sure to Keep the Child in Mind

Some parents may inadvertently adopt “over-the-top” spending habits as a means to satisfy their own desires for a child. In other words, they are projecting the perfect birthday from a personal perspective as opposed to recognising what their little one may enjoy. Any celebration should reflect how far the child has progressed through his or her personal learning journey (the EYFS learning journey article here explains this concept in greater detail). Children do not care about how much money is spent. Be sure to keep this in mind during the planning stages.

Hold the Event at Home

It is not uncommon for parents to employ third-party venues within the overall birthday package. Examples include fancy restaurants, indoor trampoline parks, and zoos. The issue here is that all of these excursions can cost a significant amount of money. Planning and logistics can also become a challenge; particularly when coordinating with guests. It is therefore better to create a homemade birthday party to avoid such concerns.

Snacks as Opposed to Meals

One of the main expenses associated with the birthday of any child involves meals. Parents who will be hosting numerous attendees will be paying even more and such expenses can quickly add up. As this article suggests, it is better to hold birthday parties between meal times. It will therefore be possible to serve light refreshments as opposed to digging into a tight wallet for larger courses.

Self-Made Decorations

The birthday decorations industry is worth millions of pounds. This actually makes perfect sense when we consider the amount of money parents spend on an annual basis. Unfortunately, the majority of decorations will simply be tossed  

away after the event has passed. Why not instead make these items at home? This is a great way to add a personal touch and the child can also become directly involved. From paper crowns and tiaras to online images that can be printed for free, there are numerous options available.

Birthdays should be able to provide fond memories for everyone involved. Contrary to popular belief, there is no reason to spend massive amounts of money in order to provide world-class entertainment for your child. The tips above will allow you to have a great time without worrying about finances.