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5 Timeless And Easily Installed Garden Features That Are Perfect For Young Families

The garden is a space that the whole family should be able to enjoy all year round. For kids, it is a place to play and enjoy good weather, and for adults, it should be a relaxing space to unwind after a busy day. The features you include in your garden make all the difference to your enjoyment of the area, so it is important to put careful thought into them.

Cosy Treehouse

A treehouse can be a great addition to a family garden, but even once the kids are grown, it can add some playfulness and fun to the overall garden style. You should get a treehouse installed by a professional unless you are used to woodworking and ensuring the structural stability of a small construction.  

A treehouse built in solid wood will add a timeless look to the garden. You will need a tree that is healthy and strong enough to support the structure, and ensure you regularly maintain the treehouse and tree to keep the structure secure and safe to use.  

Comfortable Garden Furniture

If you want to spend lazy summer days relaxing in your garden, you’ll need suitable furniture to accommodate you and your family. Garden furniture should be hardy and weatherproof, so it is best to invest in furniture designed for outdoor use. 

You could get a set of outdoor furniture including a table, chairs and sun loungers. You could also consider investing in different pieces for an eclectic look.  

Prebuilt And Elegant Water Feature

Many parents worry about installing water features in their gardens when there are young children around. A water feature can add a lot to a garden, improving the overall aesthetic and boosting the relaxation value of the space.  

It is best to choose a water feature above ground level, like these beautiful, prebuilt Corten steel water features from Lux Unique. An above-ground water feature is much safer and harder for a child to get into by mistake. You can also add some safety mesh to the opening of the water feature, making it even safer while barely visible.  

Relaxing Fire Pit

A fire pit is an effortlessly relaxing and enjoyable feature for any garden. It can keep you warm while you enjoy your garden on cooler summer nights or chilly winter days. It can also provide a focal point for the designated hangout spot for the garden. You should choose a fire pit with care and ensure it is as safe as possible since there will be kids around.  

You should also consider investing in a smokeless fire pit, as many simpler options will create a lot of smoke that might spoil your enjoyment of your garden – as well as potentially irritating the neighbours! 

Dedicated Growing Patch For The Kids

If you want to get the kids excited and involved in growing and tending the garden, there’s no better way than by giving them their very own space in the garden. You could do this by making a small section of the garden ringed off from the rest using a small fence or stone encirclement. You can then let the kids choose whatever they want to grow and put them in charge of watering and tending the plants – with some adult supervision, of course.