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How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Ahead Of Winter

Are you worried about your energy bills right now? You are not alone if so, and many dads will be wondering what they can do to protect themselves against the sharply rising energy costs, especially this winter when you will be using more energy to keep your home warm and comfortable. As a parent, you will not want your children to suffer, so what can you do to make your home more energy efficient? You can take many steps to make your home more energy efficient to bring down your bills while still providing a comfortable home for your family.

Loft Insulation

A huge amount of energy loss in the home occurs through the roof. Therefore, insulating the loft can help to prevent energy loss and allows you to keep the warm air in and the cold air out without having to overuse your central heating. Additionally, loft insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more energy efficient, so it is a smart financial option and a great place to start.

Use A Smart Thermostat

Another good option is using a smart thermostat. You do not want to have to keep the temperature so low in winter that you and your family feel cold at home, but at the same time, you do not want to overuse your central heating. A smart thermostat is programmable, you can control it via your smartphone, and it learns your habits, which means that you can prevent waste and get the most out of your central heating to keep costs down.

Use LED Bulbs

Changing to LED lightbulbs is a simple change but one that can make a big difference to your energy usage. LED bulbs last longer and use less energy, so you can save money while reducing your environmental impact by making this change. You will also find yourself changing the bulbs less frequently, and they can operate easily in cold conditions, so this winter is a great time to make the change if you have not already. 

Triple Glazing

Double glazing is one way to make your home more efficient, but triple glazing can make a big difference and can be up to 40% more thermally efficient than double glazing. This means that your home will be much more efficient, and you should notice a significant reduction in your usage. The benefits of triple glazing go beyond energy efficiency as they are also a great way to soundproof and can even add value to your home. 

Draught Proofing

Finally, you want to make sure that you find any draughts in your home and fix them so that you are not losing any energy and keeping the home as efficient as possible. You can use products to seal windows and doors that prevent heat from escaping the home and cold air from getting in during winter.

Many parents will be worried about the energy crisis and concerned about winter, but there are things that you can do like consider the options above.