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6 Effective Strategies for Designing the Best Business Website

Modern business and our society, in general, world are making big steps in the digital direction. As a result, the focus of the marketing strategies is leaning toward the online environment as well. At the moment, the surveys say that 55% of the marketing is digital. As time goes by, digital strategies will only keep gaining more ground.

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With things as they are, the success of your business may, to a large extent, depend on its ability to make itself a part of this landscape and establish a strong foothold to build further efforts upon.

All these things can’t be imagined without a well-designed, functional, responsive, and up-to-date website that will meet the standards of the modern corporate landscape. Whether you want to work with a web design agency or have decided to hire freelancers instead, let us take a look at a couple of the best strategies that should help you to create the best website.

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Start with a good domain name

Much like in the case of human relationships, online engagement always starts with a good first impression. In the case of a business website, you will get an opportunity to make that killer impression with a good domain name. Failing to do so will considerably undermine all of the marketing strategies you plan to use in the latter stages. But, what makes one domain name appealing and engaging? Here are a couple of qualities to get you started:

  • Avoid numbers and hyphens
  • Make sure the name is memorable and easy to spell
  • Create an SEO-friendly  URL
  • Avoid nonsensical names
  • Avoid repeating consonants

Make the website mobile-friendly

Smartphone devices are becoming more affordable and well-spread with each passing year. If we take Australia as an example of a developed country, we will see that as many as 89% of Australian citizens own a smartphone. So, it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that the share of the local internet traffic performed by laptops and desktop devices now sits at 55.41% and is expected to keep dropping in the following years. Your website needs to keep up with these trends and make access from mobile devices as simple as possible. Also, you should make the content optimized and reduce the loading speeds.

Be painfully obvious about what you do

If people need to spend time figuring out what your company is all about your website is performing its core purpose very poorly. So, while having a detailed ‘About Us’ page is great, people need to get an idea about your portfolio from the get-go. The easiest way to do that is to communicate info in a visual manner. If we, once more take Australia as an example, finding a good photographer in Brisbane or some other city to document how your company feels and works will give you enough material to explain to the visitors the general just without excessive explaining. Use these visual resources as much as possible.

Create an engaging and memorable user interface

The modern audience is growing increasingly impatient and failing to present them a fun, functional, engaging, and memorable user interface is the best way to turn them off and send them knocking at the doors of your competitors. Be sure then to streamline the navigation hierarchy, make the critical hubs accessible from any page on the website, make contact info visible at any moment, cut down the loading speed, and preserve consistent assets and design language across the different facets of the website. These small touches can go a long way in making the overall UX far more enjoyable and recognizable, but it can be challenging to implement when you don’t have any web design experience. This is why it’s best to hire reliable web design services in the South East (or wherever you are) to get the job done properly for you.

Make the website content ‘skimmable’

The content you are going to publish will be one of your biggest draws. Still, you should never assume that every user will be equally as interested in reading every single bit of info with the same attention. That is why you need to make content consumption voluntary and skimmable. You can do that by leveraging the headings and subheadings, making the content more digestible, as well as breaking down the long walls of text into smaller, well-rounded sections. For the best effect, the content units should be broken down by rich imagery that will illustrate the topic. Of course, a capable search function is a must.

Keep the pages uncluttered

Earlier, we mentioned that your web pages need to be rich with content and visual imagery which are the two biggest draws you can leverage. However, you need to remember that all these things need to be presented in a visually appealing manner. So, feel free to publish whatever you want but leave pages with some room for breathing and respect others’ need for speed. Make the margins comfortable and fonts readable even on smaller screens. Remember that background visuals can be just as impressive as the ones you put in the foreground. People aren’t afraid of scrolling so don’t feel constrained by the screen size.

We hope these few examples gave you a general idea about the strategies you can use to make your company’s website as streamlined and easy to consume as possible. The business world is evolving at a rapid pace and the marketing battles of tomorrow will, for the most part, be held in the digital space. If you want to get any chance at success, you need to establish a rock-solid foothold. The tips we gave you will definitely give you a good foundation you can keep building upon.