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Homeschooling Tips for Work-from-home Dads

Some parents embrace private and public schools to educate their children and instill in them the knowledge they need to make out a career, while others go for homeschooling.

Parents consider homeschooling for several reasons. If you are one of such parents, especially a work-from-home dad who has to juggle work tasks with homeschooling, you may need help maintaining a balance. And that is where this article comes in.

Below, we have put together a few actionable and helpful tips that’ll go a long way in ensuring that you educate your children while managing your job effectively.

1. Begin the day on the right foot

While it’s tempting to snooze the alarm clock and allow your kids to rest a bit, getting up early and preparing for the day’s work at the usual time will help you and your kid get into the right mindset.

Of course, this can be flexible. You don’t have to adhere to a rigid timetable or stick to the typical school hours or term days. However, if you are juggling homeschooling and work, you need to set time for personal work and homeschooling to stop your day from spiraling out of control.

2. Slice your schedule into manageable parts

When does your child work best? When is he at his best state for learning? Figure out this time and plan your homeschooling around it.

Obviously, this time varies per child. It depends on the age of your child and how self-reliant they are. If you have a 6-year-old kid, they might be able to concentrate on a task set by their tutor for 30 minutes. However, while at home, doing your assignments in 20 minutes at a stretch might be more feasible.

3. Purchase the appropriate materials/supplies

To homeschool your child, you’ll need to purchase the right materials. Without these materials, the homeschooling process will be difficult and less fun for you and your kids. Here are some common materials to consider:

  • Printer
  • Laptop
  • Headphone
  • Kindle/library card
  • A laminating machine
  • Colorful rolling organizer to keep your homeschooling materials organized
  • Markers, pencils, and sharpies
  • Stapler, paper clips, etc.
  • Art supplies

In addition to gathering these supplies, you may want to consider buying a certificate cover. This can be used when presenting a certificate to your kids after completing the homeschool or a particular course. Of course, the certificate cover is customizable.

4. Leverage online resources

Are you feeling stressed juggling work and homeschooling? Now imagine how life would have been without the internet; horrible, right?

You can leverage numerous online resources and apps to tutor your kids. These apps, some of which are free and tailored to kids of different ages and educational levels, can help educate and entertain your kids while you focus on work. Expert blogs or articles can help you to develop safe and productive online routines for your children that support the learning process, but also general well being in the online world.

Ensure you consider the following factors when selecting online resources for your kids:

  • Does the material have pre and post-lecture quizzing?
  • Is the content easily customizable?
    Can you access using different levels of difficulty?
  • Does it have visual interaction to support children?


Juggling work and homeschooling can be tricky, especially for dads who are hell-bent on giving their kids the best homeschooling experience. However, with the tips above, you can simplify the process.

The key is using the right materials and resources while ensuring that everything is well planned out before starting.