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The Key Benefits Of Hiring A Skip For Your Renovation project

Carrying out a home renovation project will generate a certain amount of waste, especially if you are having a single or double-storey extension or perhaps renovating your garden space. There is so much that goes on during construction, not only are you left with materials and debris left over, but you are also left with quite a bit of mess. Luckily there are some solutions to this. To help streamline your renovation project and to remove waste swiftly, effectively and safely, then hiring a skip is your best option and can provide many benefits. You will also find similar benefits by hiring a post-construction cleaning in new york service once everything is cleared away. But that is to be delved into another day. The focus of this article right now is outlining the key benefits that come with hiring a skip when you are taking on a home renovation project.

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Helps Save Time

Opting to hire a skip from a professional skip-hire company like TK Skip Hire will save you the time and unnecessary hassle of having to transport your waste back and forth to the tips and other waste disposal sites. This puts time and strain on your project. Instead, all you need to do is hire a skip, place all of your waste into the skip during the renovation and that’s it. You won’t have to worry about transporting your waste which will help you focus on what’s needed for your project.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Hiring a skip is a much more environmentally friendly solution as skip hire providers will carry out proper waste management that meets environmental legal requirements, as opposed to disposing of waste yourself which you may unintentionally be doing so in a way that’s irresponsible and damaging to the environment. To remove your waste safely and to help the environment, then skip hire from a reputable company is the best option.


Hiring a skip from a skip hire company is a cost-effective solution for your waste disposal. Think about it, without hiring a skip you will have to sort out your waste removals by yourself, having to potentially hire vehicles so you can transport your waste which can be rather expensive and time-consuming as opposed to a simple yet more effective method in hiring a skip.

Many Skip Size Options To Choose From

Many skip hire companies will often have a handful of different-sized skips that you will be able to choose from. So depending on the scale of your renovation project, you may only require a small size skip or perhaps a large skip if your project is on a larger scale. There is also the option of hiring open or closed skips. Open skips are suitable for non-hazardous waste like metals, glass and bricks, whereas closed skips are suitable for hazardous waste which includes waste that could catch fire, react or explode, and are deemed as toxic or corrosive.

A Safer Option

In any form of a construction project, health and safety should be your number one priority above all else. By opting to hire a skip from professionals you will be able to create a safer working environment as having a skip will help to reduce the build-up of waste around your property. A build-up of waste with materials such as metal, broken glass or wood can be dangerous for those working on the project and ultimately, maintaining a clean working environment will only help to speed your project along and minimise risk.


All in all, hiring a skip for your renovation project takes away the hassle of having to worry about transporting the waste yourself and will improve the time saving of your project. With many different skip sizes available, hiring a skip is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option that will also encourage a safer and cleaner environment for your project.