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Top Tips For A Hassle-Free Home Renovation

If you are keen to find ways to add some extra thousands to the value of your home – or if you’re simply hankering after a stylish upgrade – then you are probably considering investing in some household renovations. 

Of course, if you’re brand-new to renovating, then it may seem like a rather daunting and time-consuming task, one likely to cause its fair share of stress and hassle. In fact, you’re probably having visions of dust clouds, debris, frightening-looking tools, and muddy boots stomping through your carefully decorated haven. 

However, the good news is that it’s perfectly possible to have a headache-free house renovation, with the right techniques and some must-have advice. So, with that aim in mind – and to help you transform your abode while keeping your stress levels to a minimum – here are some top tips for a household facelift that will hopefully be totally pain-free (and that you will actually enjoy doing)!

Choose A Guiding Theme

If you’re planning to kickstart an extensive renovation, then you will probably want to decide on a particular theme or aesthetic for your alterations, so each space seamlessly flows into another. 

Choosing one style for a bedroom upgrade and a completely different one for the kitchen – then another one altogether for your bathrooms – can leave your home looking and feeling disjointed and mismatched. 

So, whether you’re into minimalism, maximalism, farmhouse chic, retro style or something else altogether, keep your chosen design inspiration in mind when planning your alterations to ensure a slick and cohesive look throughout the property. 

Set A Budget And Prioritise Your Alterations

If you live in an older property, there may be several jobs that need doing. However, if your budget is rather tight – which, in the current climate, is a common problem for many of us – then the first step to take when embarking on your renovation is to set a budget.

Once you know how much money you can safely spend, then you can make a list of the updates you want to make and choose the highest priority jobs to embark on first. 

For instance, perhaps you’re desperate to re-tile your bathroom, paint the bedrooms a different colour, recarpet the lounge, and install a kitchen island. If you only have so much money to play with, then you may decide that you want to invest it all in the island and the lounge, and save the other jobs for another time – or vice versa. 

When it comes to those bigger jobs that will involve hiring a contractor, you should also think about when you want to organise the work to fit most conveniently around your schedule. Perhaps it would be best to organise a big job when you have a holiday booked, particularly if you have young kids running around at home. In fact, some contractors actually find it preferable if you’re not at home, as it’s easier for them to get on with the work and no one is getting in the other’s way. 

The Best Place To Start

If your main concern, with your home renovations, is to add value to your home, then you’re probably keen to make changes that will see the biggest return in value. For instance, kitchens have been found to offer a significant return on investment, so you might want to start renovating this room first. 

Of course, if you’re completely re-doing the kitchen then you should be prepared for some disruption to your daily life. There will be quite a lot of debris lying around, as well as equipment, and there will also be a fair degree of dust, so it’s a good idea to be prepared by laying down plastic sheeting. 

It’s also recommended that you create a small ‘kitchen alternative’ elsewhere in the home where you can easily prepare food and drink. If it’s spring or summer and the weather is bright and sunny, you can also opt to cook plenty of your meals al fresco on the barbecue; you’re bound to get no complaints from your kids!

Think About The Details

While it’s easy to focus on the big alterations that need to be made, it’s also a great idea to think about some smaller but surprisingly profound changes you can make at the same time. After all, while you’re having work done, it’s the perfect time to go the whole hog and focus on the nuances of each space. By taking some time to think about the various improvements that can be made, even on a minor level, you will easily find ways to make every room more inviting. 

Sometimes, something as seemingly minor as swapping out your interior and exterior doors can make a surprising difference to the look and feel of your home. You may be surprised how many styles, materials and colours of door are available, giving you plenty of scope for upgrades. 

For instance, you may want to consider these sleek and stylish aluminium bifold doors from Value doors, which can be custom-made to suit your home. As well as looking the part, these doors also bring other significant benefits, including improved energy efficiency and a secure multi-point locking system to protect against intrusion. 

Be Prepared For The Unexpected

One of the most important pieces of advice to bear in mind when you’re embarking on a home renovation is that you should be prepared for unforeseen discoveries and delays. By taking a flexible ‘take-it-as-it-comes’ attitude, you will help to keep your stress levels down if anything does go wrong, or if you find out that your home has some extra issues that you weren’t aware of. 

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that many home renovations encounter is the length of time it takes to complete a particular job. As a result, it’s best not to set any tight deadlines and do your best to go with the proverbial flow. 


Deciding to renovate your home is a big commitment, and it may seem scary or stressful as the starting date for the work approaches. However, with a flexible attitude and the right preparations, there’s no reason why the upgrade shouldn’t go ahead without a hitch, leaving you with the home of your dreams (complete with some extra pound signs added to its resale value!).