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Car Maintenance Tips For Low Mileage Drivers

Just because you have a car, that doesn’t mean you drive a lot of miles. In fact, you might only drive a handful every week, especially if you work from home. Yet even if you only drive a little, you still need to take care of your car and ensure you carry out maintenance. Read on to find out what you need to do to maintain your car well if you are a low mileage driver. 

Fix Dents

You might not be too concerned about any dents you have in your car’s body, especially if you don’t drive very much and no one really sees the issue at all. In fact, you might not think about it if you don’t look at your car very often. However, these dents, even small ones, can cause a lot of problems – they can allow rust to form under your paintwork, and that can mean your car won’t last as long as you might want. 

The best thing to do is to get any dents fixed as soon as you can after they occur. The ideal way to do this is to find experts who can carry out paintless dent removal, which is quick and effective, preventing any further damage. 

Change The Oil Regularly 

It’s important to change the oil in your car’s engine, but this is usually something you have to do after a certain number of miles. If you don’t drive many miles, your car’s oil indicator won’t let you know this needs to be done, and you’ll either not know about it or think all is well. 

However, if you don’t drive many miles, you should still change your oil. If you don’t, the oil will sit in your engine and could potentially become stale or stagnant. Debris could form, and when you switch on the engine, this could cause damage. By changing your oil regularly, this can be avoided.

Keep an Eye On the Cooling System

In addition to thеsе еssеntial maintеnancе tips, it’s crucial to also pay attention to your vеhiclе’s cooling systеm. Nеglеcting this aspect can lеad to ovеrhеating issues and potential еnginе damagе. Onе kеy componеnt to kееp an еyе on is thе intеrcoolеr systеm, and having accеss to rеliablе auto parts, such as Mammoth parts for thе intеrcoolеr systеm, can bе invaluablе. Rеgularly inspеcting for any signs of wеar or lеaks in thе cooling systеm, and addrеssing thеm promptly, еnsurеs that your car’s еnginе rеmains at thе optimal tеmpеraturе. This proactivе approach to maintеnancе, along with addressing dеnts, changing thе oil, and driving thе vеhiclе rеgularly, forms a comprеhеnsivе strategy to kееp your car in primе condition for yеars to comе. 

Drive Once A Month

If you don’t drive your car very often, the engine can seize up, and the components – including the oil, as we mentioned above – can become too old to function properly. Elements like your brakes could fail if they are not used often enough.  

Even if you don’t need to use your car, you should still drive it once a month. In this way, you can keep your engine running smoothly, and if there is an issue, you’ll become aware of it sooner and get it fixed before it becomes too big a problem which means you can no longer use the car at all. 

Check The Tyres

Your tyres are crucial when it comes to the safety of your car, and if you don’t drive much, you might not notice if they are becoming worn or if they are losing air. Make it a habit to check your tyres every week to ensure they are ready to drive on. 

Make sure you have a spare tyre or space-saving tyre in your boot to ensure that if you need to drive the car to be repaired, you can do so.