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How To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy This Summer With These Top Tips

Summer is just around the corner! As many of us hope the temperature rises and the sun makes an appearance on more than one occasion, plans for how to spend the summer are already commencing. Of course, some are choosing to book holidays abroad to increase the chances of seeing the sun this summer and those planning to spend as much time in their garden.

However, when the temperatures change, it is crucial to consider how this can impact our beloved pets. Those with a dog, particularly new dog owners, will want to ensure their canine remains happy and healthy throughout the summer. If you are unsure what changes to make, keep reading to find out more.

Keep Them Hydrated

Staying hydrated when the temperature rises is a recommendation we often hear in the summertime. However, the recommendation is to ensure that we drink enough water because of the sweat we are losing due to the warmer weather. It is not just us that need to remain hydrated, our beloved canines need to be drinking enough water too.

Ensure that they drink plenty of water and that their bowl is topped up whenever it looks low. When you take your dog out for a walk, make sure that you have a water bottle and bowl on hand to use if your canine is looking a little parched when on the walk. This will help ensure that they are drinking enough and staying hydrated.

Switch Up Their Food

Changing your dog’s diet is worth considering to keep your dog happy and healthy. As they get older or develop health issues, their dietary needs change. Owners need to respond to these changes accordingly to help ensure that their canine companion remains happy and healthy. Switching up their food should be a factor to keep in mind. You might switch them to a raw dog food diet or include natural dog supplements to help their development. You can find natural dog supplements and raw dog food from brands like ProDog Raw.

When the weather changes, consider changing their food and including supplements to help keep them healthy and improve the softness and shininess of their coat. Some of the improvements could also improve their mood, leaving them more energised. You could even research some of the advice that Daniella Cranfield canine nutritionist suggests when it comes to keeping your dog happy and healthy, and how important their diet is as a part of this. 

Be Mindful Of The Weather

Many of us cannot wait for the summer. Sitting outdoors for hours and soaking in the sun’s rays sounds like a dream! As typical Brits, we will likely, at some point, complain about the weather being too warm. When the temperatures do begin to rise, aside from being mindful of our own wellbeing, we need to ensure that our canine companions are also coping with the warmer weather.

Despite the warm weather, your dog still needs to get daily exercise. Plan walks early in the morning or later at night when the temperature is still low. This way, they can get their walk, but you are not taking them out when it is too hot.

Keep these tips in mind when trying to keep your dog happy and healthy this summer.