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5 Ways to Bring Elements of Nature into Your Home Office

The work-from-home boom has been going on for some time now, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. When people design a home office, the aim is to have a space that promotes productivity and peace. A great way to achieve this is by incorporating natural elements including plants and earthy colors.

Improve Ventilation

Many properties are prone to poor air circulation, which boosts the levels of CO2 and reduces productivity. Therefore, if you have a window in your room, make sure it gets opened regularly to replace some of the harmful CO2 with oxygenated air. In some cases, cracking a window open might not be enough, which is why you should get your hands on a ventilation system or a vent to get the air moving. 

Use Earth Paint Tones

Color is a great tool for bringing nature into your office to promote productivity. According to a study conducted by the University of Texas, stale colors including beige, white, and red reduce productivity ( red is a constant distraction). Tones of blue/green are the best for productivity. With this in mind, you should consider revisiting the color scheme for your office. 

Plants and Ornaments

A great way to bring nature into your home and improve the air quality is by introducing plants to your office. Even a small plant on your desk can brighten up your mood and boost productivity, which is an essential part of working from home. 

You can even bring natural elements into your home with strategically-placed ornaments. For example, you can put these 3 wise monkeys onto your bookshelf to bring a little slice of the jungle into your office. The best part about the 3 wise monkeys is that you can split them up, meaning you can have one placed on your desk if you like. 

Work Near the Window

Even though there’s plenty of research proving the positive impact of the sun on our minds and bodies, many people have very little option but to put offices in basements or dark garages. With that in mind, you should move into a room with a window inside. Even better, if you can get a glimpse of the outside world, you’ll find productivity levels even higher. If you’re unable to have your desk facing the window, you should consider putting up a mirror to capture the reflected light and views. 

Use Wooden Furniture

Biophilia is the belief that humans have a powerful attraction to nature, and this is why so many home furniture products are made from wood. In some studies, it’s been found that wood furniture has the power to reduce stress levels and keep elements of depression in check. Therefore, if you want to get closer to nature and decrease your overall stress levels for work, then consider wood furniture and finishes. 

Working from home brings many different challenges including keeping motivated and productive. To combat these issues, it’s a good idea to welcome nature into your space, which you can achieve with the tips outlined above.