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Sprucing Up Your Driveway for Summer

Your driveway is a practical feature of your home. It’s where you park your car at night, so it needs to be safe and secure. But it’s also a big part of your home’s kerb appeal. Your driveway helps to make your home’s first impression on visitors and welcomes your home at the end of a long day. Like your back garden and other outdoor areas, your driveway is bound to have faced some weather damage over winter and might need a bit of TLC to get it ready for summer. Here are some of the best ways to spruce it up now that the weather is turning.

Tidy Up

Winter weather might mean that dirt and debris have blown in, there are plenty of weeds, and maybe even cracks and potholes. It might also mean damage to fences and other areas, and generally that your driveway isn’t as neat and tidy as you’d like it to be. The first thing you should do is move your car and commit to a thorough deep clean. Sweep debris, jet wash the ground and any walls and fences and throw away any rubbish. Then you’ll be able to see and assess any damage more easily. 

Tackle Any Weeds

Weeds are a big problem in any outdoor spaces in spring and summer and your driveway is no different. Even if there’s no grass, you might find that weeds have managed to pop up between tiles and brickwork. Early spring is the best time to use a weedkiller. It’s also the ideal time to feed and, if necessary, reseed your lawn if you have one. 

Seal Any Cracks and Make Repairs

In periods of poor weather, water gets trapped in any small cracks in your driveway. When it’s very cold, this water freezes and expands which can cause large holes and cracks, or even damaged paving or tiles. If your driveway is damaged, or you want to make sure it is weatherproof and ready for next winter, working with someone from a landscapes and driveways Solihull company is a good idea. 

Get Planting

A neat and tidy driveway automatically looks fresher, cleaner,and nicer. But if you want to add a summery vibe to your outdoor space, planting and adding some colour is a great way to do it. Planting in borders can help you to create a clear and bright path to your home, but if you haven’t got much space, using hanging baskets and wall climbers is an effective way to add some colour. 

Refresh Your Doors and Fences

Any woodwork, such as your front door or fences, might have sustained heavy weather damage over the colder seasons. Sanding, painting, and weatherproofing them is a great way to get your driveway looking smarter for summer. If you want to make an impression, painting bright or bold colours can be an excellent way to stand out from the other homes on your street. 

Your driveway is an important part of your home, and spring and summer are the perfect times to spruce it up so that it looks fantastic for the rest of the year.