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Treating Your Kids’ Injuries as a Football Dad

You will see many injuries as a football dad on the sidelines of Sunday league. The good old magic sponge and a compassionate touch will help the kids. But you can also try these ideas.

Get Professional Help ASAP

Ankle and leg injuries can be pretty serious from a football game. So it’s always best to consult with a professional. You may not always need to seek medical treatments unless you feel the injury is serious enough. And no one likes waiting in A&E anyway. But trained specialists at thefootandankle.clinic can offer expert chiropodist and podiatry care with ongoing treatment for injuries to the ankles and feet such as sprains, torn ligaments and other common sports injuries.

Get the Magic Sponge

It might have a bit of an odd reputation, but the magic sponge has major benefits when it comes to treating football injuries in the here and now. Much like a cold compress, a simple sponge soaked in cold water can provide instant pain relief and help reduce swelling and inflammation. It isn’t exactly the most intriguing medical instrument, but you can help provide much-needed attention and relief to an injured child until you can have an expert take a look at the injury. 

Treat Injuries as a Football Dad with RICE

Ankle sprains are the most common injury in football, and for a child, this can be very painful. And depending on the degree (1 to 3), accident recovery may need further treatment. For a sprain on the lower end, degree 1, you can use the RICE method. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Let it rest for at least two days. You should apply ice to your child’s ankle for 10 minutes every 2 hours. You should also compress with a bandage and keep the ankle elevated.

Comfort the Children and Provide Privacy

An injury on the football field in front of a crowd can be embarrassing for a child. Other kids might laugh at them, and they may also cry because of the pain. And this could cause severe actions in the modern world, such as online bullying with social media. But you can help children through this with a compassionate approach and provide as much privacy as you can. Privacy screens and having other adults crowd the injured child will work well for ad hoc treatment.

Don’t Let the Kids Get Back Too Soon

All kids want to do is play, especially children who enjoy sports. And they will be eager to get back onto the pitch after an injury. But it is vital that you explain they can’t do it right away and keep them away from any footballs for a while. A common ankle injury can take about two weeks to fully heal. But in most cases, it takes a little longer. To be absolutely sure and safe, you shouldn’t let any kids back on the pitch for a month after a substantial foot or ankle injury.


Injuries as a football dad can be hard to watch. But as an adult, you must deal with them. It helps to see an expert ASAP. But also use the RICE method at home, and give it time to heal.