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A Guide to Cheap Van Insurance

Finding good coverage for your van can be daunting, especially if you’re on a budget. However, with the right guide, anyone can purchase a policy that protects their vehicle without breaking the bank.

1.   Compare van insurance

You can compare van insurance quotes online quickly and easily.

Here’s how it works: you share some personal details (like your full name and what you’re looking for), and you get a list of quotes from the UK’s top insurers.

Sticking with the same insurer every year may mean settling for less. When you compare van insurance quotes, you could receive a more competitive renewal price.

2.   Increase your voluntary excess

Taking on more financial responsibility in the event of a claim can make your insurance more affordable.

Voluntary excess is the amount you agree to pay if you’re involved in an accident. So, if something happens and you need to use your insurance, you’ll pay more before your provider steps in.

But day to day, your insurance could be cheaper. It’s a balancing act – you can save money now with lower premiums but risk higher costs in case of an accident.

3.   Pay for annual cover

How you choose to pay for your insurance can impact the cost.

Most providers offer two main payment options: monthly or annually. While paying monthly might seem convenient, making one annual payment can often lead to savings.

This is because lump-sum payments reduce administrative work for the insurer and eliminate the risk of missed payments.

It’s a method that not only can save money but also simplifies your financial management. You can enjoy your van adventures without concerning yourself with monthly transactions.

4.   Improve security

Vigilance is a key part of responsible van ownership.

By improving your van’s security measures and being attentive to your surroundings, you can reduce the risk of theft. Start with the basics: always know where your keys are and keep them hidden when you’re not using them.

Fit your van with an alarm that will alert you in the event of a break-in. Take more extensive measures and invest in a wheel clamp to prevent thieves from driving away with your vehicle.

If you park at home, consider putting bollards in your driveway to block thieves. Bright, motion-activated lights can help too. You may be offered cheaper premiums by showing insurers you’re serious about lowering the risk of theft-related incidents.

5.   Gain additional qualifications

A smart way to make van insurance more affordable is by gaining additional qualifications.

Advanced driving courses can demonstrate to insurers that you’re committed to safe driving. With courses like defensive van driver training, you’ll be able to hone your handling skills. Your advanced proficiency could be reflected in reduced premiums!

6.   Provide an accurate annual mileage estimate

When it comes to insurance, how much you drive your van matters.

Insurers will use an estimate of your annual mileage to determine your risk profile – the more you drive, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident. But how do you estimate your annual mileage?

One way is to track how far you drive for a month and then multiply that number by 12.

While this may not account for extra travelling during the holidays, it can be good for those with consistent driving habits. Steer clear of making over or underestimations, and you can avoid invalidating your policy or paying for more than you need.