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Dog friendly beaches in Scotland worth a visit this autumn

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Despite the fact we are only just entering the summer months, it’s never too early to think about an autumnal escape, especially one to Scotland with your four-legged friend.

A beach visit with your dog in the autumn offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle, allowing you to connect with nature and your furry companion. The cooler weather and fewer crowds create a tranquil environment to bond, relax, and make lasting memories together.

With this being said, whether you’ve booked one of the October breaks UK destinations have to offer, or you’re looking to get away in the autumn to Scotland with your furry friend, we’ve put together just a few Scottish beaches that welcome dogs all year round.

Saltcoats Beach, Saltcoats

Boasting stunning views of the Isle of Arran across the firth, this classic golden sandy beach invites you and your furry companion to bask in its natural splendour.

Relax and admire the wild mountains in the distance while your pooch plays in the sand. Or you could embark on a stroll towards the ancient Ardrossan Castle at the northern end, where the 12th-century ruins offer a fascinating glimpse into Scottish history.

The beach provides ample opportunity for your dog to dig, play with a frisbee, and even dip their paws in the cool waters. This dog-friendly haven is easily accessible from Craig Tara and offers a wealth of amenities within walking distance.

Belhaven Beach, Dunbar

Nestled in the serene John Muir Country Park, Belhaven Beach is a true haven for nature enthusiasts and their canine companions.

Just a stone’s throw from the town of Dunbar, this tranquil location seamlessly blends forest, dunes, and a pristine beach, creating a playground for adventure and relaxation alike. So, whether you seek a family-friendly exploration or a romantic stroll with your pooch in tow, the park and beach cater to every whim, with the stunning, clean beach stretching to the Tyne estuary, offering breathtaking views along the way.

The beach is easily accessible via a car park at the southern end, just across a quaint wooden bridge. Belhaven Beach beckons adventurers and their furry companions to embark on a clifftop walk that loops around to the town of Dunbar. This scenic walking route rewards walkers with epic views of crashing waves below, showcasing the sheer variety of the landscape and cementing Belhaven’s place among the best dog-friendly beaches in Scotland.

If this wasn’t enough, midway along the beach, nestled near the woods, you’ll find a playpark for the little ones of your family and convenient toilet facilities.

Seamill Beach, West Kilbride

Seamill Beach offers a delightful blend of sandy stretches and rocky terrain, providing the perfect playground for you and your furry companion to stretch your legs and explore.

Seamill Beach is tucked away at the northern end of the Firth of Clyde. This hidden gem forms part of the picturesque Ayrshire Coastal Path, inviting adventurers to embark on an invigorating hike or a leisurely stroll.

Alternatively, if relaxation is the order of the day for your staycation, let your kids and four-legged friends revel in the discovery of captivating rock pools found here, together.

Now you know of just some of the many beaches in Scotland that welcome dogs all year round, will you be visiting any of the coastal locations mentioned above with your canine companion this autumn?