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How to Fight Vacation Boredom

Vacation time is usually the best part of the year. We all spend months planning for it, fantasising about it, promising ourselves we’ll go everywhere and see everything, and really make the best of it. You are going to have so many adventures that everyone back home is going to be impressed with your tales of incredible, interesting events that took place every single day. But then the vacation comes and you realise there are long stretches of time where you’re not really doing anything and nothing is going quite the way you imagined it would be. So, what do you do when the down times come and threaten to turn your pirate adventure into a snooze fest? Well, here are a few tips.

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Be realistic with your plans

You are, of course, a well-cultured, intelligent individual who’s going to spend their entire vacation exploring ancient civilisations, learning the history of the place you’re visiting and write a twenty page essay on your findings. You must visit every last museum and take a selfie in front of it because, damn it, you’re an intellectual! Or you could, you know, just realise that you’re a very tired person who works hard and wants to actually take some time to rest and enjoy their vacation peacefully. While visiting cultural sites is interesting and you should definitely take time to do that, you don’t actually have to see every last thing. If you see too many things, you won’t remember them and you’ll be so bored by the time you’re done, everything will seem a waste. Make plans where you get to visit and explore a few places thoroughly, so you could actually give yourself a chance to get interested in the culture, not just rush through a museum so you could say you were there.

Play a board game

Chess, backgammon, poker – bring a set of chess pieces or a deck of cards for those long bus rides or rainy days when you’re stuck inside with nothing better to do. Or, if you’re a really big fan of board games, you could bring something more complex and organize a board night at the hotel. Stay up late with your family and friends and make a tournament in your favourite game.

Do something fun and active

Make sure you find something to do that you normally would never – for example, go skydiving. Well, you don’t really have to take it to such an extreme, but you should definitely engage in an activity you can’t at home. If you are in Nevada this summer, I highly recommend going to a trampoline park in Las Vegas – spend a few hours jumping around, and you will feel invigorated again.

Read a book

A good book can get you through just about anything. Long plane rides, rainy days, insomnia – whenever you have some free time that you aren’t sure how to use. And since we’re always busy, it’s the perfect chance to catch up on our reading. Light, breezy books are a perfect way to amuse yourself during summer, or you could take a good classic that’s been on your reading list for a long time.

Make new friends

Especially if you’re going to a place with a culture that’s different than yours. Meet new people, talk to them, and take the opportunity to listen to new experiences. You won’t really know a place until you know the people who live there, and they’re the ones who know all the best places to see and things to do.

Start a travel journal

Writing down your thoughts and opinions about the place you’re visiting is a great way to turn a boring moment into something productive. You could jot down notes about the things you’ve seen so far and compare it to what you have back home. The notebook could later on be turned into a very nice memento, especially if you stick a few photos in and maybe various tickets that you were going to throw out anyway. Imagine the joy when you open it a few years later and remember what a good time you had.

Enjoy doing nothing

After all, the silence and the absence of obligations is what we’ve been craving all year. We’re always high on stress, we never slow down, so when a quiet moment comes, we don’t know what to do with it. Sometimes you just need to relax and take the time to enjoy the moment and the fact that you don’t have to get up for work tomorrow.

Vacation boredom isn’t a strange occurrence, so it’s important to have a few backup plans on what you can do when it happens. Don’t worry, even pirates get bored sometimes, the vacation isn’t ruined and you can still go out and have adventures.