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Under Pressure: 5 Essential Tasks A Jet Washer Can Help With

Cleaning. Can’t live with it and, in a very real sense, you can’t live without it. The job of returning things to their original pristine state after use is time-consuming, often fiddly, and really, most of us don’t find it to be much fun at all.

As a result of this, there has been endless gadgets and solutions offered by companies to help making cleaning more useful. These gadgets are undeniably tempting; the promise of being able to clean with a smile to your face and get the job done in half the time. The question is whether or not these gadgets actually do help, or whether they are marketing hype appealing to how much people dislike cleaning.

Perhaps the most queried is the jet washer. It sounds like such a good idea. No scrubbing or elbow grease required, just point it in the direction of the thing you want cleaned and you’re sorted. It sounds alluring, but many people wonder if they are actually continually useful – or if they’re a specialist item that is really only going to be used on occasion. They uhm and ahh; they read up on Best Spy and compare models – but something holds them back. They aren’t entirely sure what they would use it for outside of the single purpose they have in mind. A jet washer may seem like a good idea, but are they really useful for multiple different tasks?

While there are limits to what a jet washer can do, they can actually be helpful for a multitude of different tasks outside the home. If any of these five tasks are on your most hated cleaning chores, then considering a jet washer might be a good idea…

  1. Washing The Car

Under Pressure 5 Essential Tasks A Jet Washer Can Help With

Washing the car by hand is boring, and doesn’t elicit great results, and washing the car in a car wash is admittedly efficient, but it’s expensive.

A jet washer is the perfect solution if neither of those options appeals. It’s incredibly quick; add a little detergent and you’ll have mud off the car in no time. It’s also easier to stay dry than it would be with a conventional hose, as the lance means you are at a distance from the actual water.

  1. Clearing A Drain

Cleaning out drains isn’t a pleasant business, but it’s necessary every now and again. This is especially true in autumn, as leaves gather and can potentially cause a backlog in the system.

A pressure washer is the perfect way of applying pressure without the need for heavy chemical solutions. You can stand back, hold your nose, and aim the lance in the right direction. This can help to loosen up debris and clear any clogs, meaning that the water in your home is free to flow once more.

  1. Washing Windows

Okay, so you should probably be washing the windows of your house with a squeegie and a detergent solution, the way that window cleaners do. But you’re a busy person, and if there’s mud clinging to the windows then a pressure washer will get rid of it in seconds.

You might need to wipe down the windows afterwards to get a sparkling finish, but this is optional. Windows do dry themselves anyway after rainstorms; no one is going to know the difference if you just choose to blast the windows and leave.

  1. Washing The Bin

The wheelie bin for your home probably isn’t something you think of often, outside of loading in with binbags every few days. However, there’s no doubt that wheelie bins can truly begin to smell if left unattended. This is a particular risk in summer, when rubbish piles up and is then heated; the result isn’t pleasant. If you notice flies buzzing around your bin even when it’s empty, then it’s probably a sign it needs a clean.

With a pressure washer, you can add a little detergent, give it a blast, empty out the dirty water and then you’re done.

  1. Clearing Your Path / Driveway

We’re always told that the front of our homes should be beautiful; the whole idea of curb appeal, for example. However, the path and driveway are in constant use – tire wheels and muddy boots having been worn in the garden can leave their mark. Rather than painstakingly cleaning these areas individually, a pressure washer can have them clear in seconds.

Under Pressure: 5 Essential Tasks A Jet Washer Can Help With

There’s no doubt that blasting away grime can be satisfying – a vast improvement on the usual feelings of drudgery that cleaning tends to conjure. However, jet washers are not without their limitations. The pressure that gives them their cleaning power can be harsh, so you have to be cautious about which surfaces you use them on. What you can be sure of is that they are useful for a number of applications – the decision on whether they’re subsequently worth the price is up to you.