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Autumn Days: Getting Your Garden Ready

If you have been leaving the house at any point recently (and who hasn’t)? Then you will know how chilly it has become over the past few weeks. Even if you were a little in denial about summer being over, there is no denying that it is over now and autumn is well and truly on its way.

With the storms and high winds of late, we are seeing more and more leaves strewn all over the place, especially in our gardens. So it is a good idea to get those leaves cleared up as and when they fall, rather than waiting for it to pile up. It can prevent moss growing and spreading, as well as stopping rats and mice finding a home in your garden.

Autumn Days Getting Your Garden Ready

Checking your trees is really important too. If you have got damaged trees, then over autumn and winter it is going to get even worse for them. A really cold snap could mean the tree falling over if their roots were already in bad shape. So check for large branches that are overhanging, as well as dealing with smaller branches that might have snapped. If you have some younger trees, then check that the stakes or supports next to them are secure. In a high wind, a sapling could be easily damaged if it isn’t supported well.

Cutting the grass and raking up leaves are some obvious point when it comes to getting your garden ready and you can use the worx cordless leaf blower to make things easier here. But what about still making the garden a place that you can come together and play in? Treating your garden like any other room in the house is a good way to keep on top of things, and will encourage you to be out there more too.

So checking the condition of your patio furniture, if you have any, is a really good idea, as well as clearing away any items that are more suited to the dry weather. You could look at getting some additional lighting in your garden, as well as perhaps a patio heater.

If you’re not sure where to even start looking for something like that, then you could read this guide http://patiomate.co.uk/guides/10-best-patio-heaters/, for example. Then you can while away the hours on the darker evenings, still spent outside enjoying nature.

Have you got any other things that you like to do in your garden to get ready for autumn? Even just ten minutes or raking up leaves a day can make a difference. Often, people think that just leaving leaves that have fallen on the flower bed can be a good thing as they are completely natural and might even protect your plants and flowers from the frost.

But it actually gives lugs a surface to move along, as it is going to be much damper over the coming months. So even something like that shouldn’t be left alone. If you find slugs are an issue, then why not check out this article on other ways to help you keep slugs at bay http://www.slugoff.co.uk/information/list. Gardens can be pretty hard work, but when you’re out there regularly, it will make a difference.